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Wide Table Splits on Two Pages

When you are working with a wide table in MS Word the table often spills over to a second page. This can cause a problem when you come to print out such a table in a report, etc.

To force the table to print on one page:
Open the table
Click inside the first cell
Right click and select Table Properties
Go to Row tab

Remove the check mark from the box Allow row to break across pages

Click the Next Row button for all the rows / OK

When you insert your table into the Word document,
the computer will automatically size the table to display on one page.

Note: This customization option will only work on tables that are reasonable in width size.
Huge tables will display in such a small font, that the information is useless.
If you are working on a huge table, only use the columns that are absolutely necessary for your report.
You might also want to print out your report using the Landscape option.

There is a second option:

Click Control A to highlight the whole table

A new toolbar displays
Select Layout tab
Cell size group
Click AutoFit drop-down list
Select AutoFit Window

July 05, 2012

Sr. Arlene Callahan
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