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Add Signature to Document

Advanced Level

The best way to add a signature to a document is to scan your signature and save the image file. After this first step you have various options.

I suggest that you create two signatures: one with your complete signature information another with your simple signature.

        Use plain white paper
        Medium size point pen
        Press hard to make sure your signature is legible

1. Open Word document and add a line for your signature, type in the rest of your signature information and format as needed.

    Sample:  _________________________
                    Sr. Arlene Callahan
                    Training Manager
                    Rivier University, etc.

2. Print out the sample page

3. Add your signature to the sample printed page ... you now have a signature with all the information

4.  On the same printout write your name on another part of the paper ... try to write your name on a straight line ... if you have difficulty used lined paper under your printout.       

5. You are now ready to scan two signatures ... place your paper in the scanner

Scanning procedures will vary with the make and model of scanner that you currently use. If you do not know how to scan, ask someone in your area to help you. There is a great scanner at the Computer Lab and very easy to use. Directions are available.

Scan the signature like you would for any other document or photo. Some scanners allow you select a portion of the text ... select one sample and then select the other sample ... you should end up with two images.

If you end up with both signatures on the same image, you can cut and paste with an image editing program. If you are at a loss send me your scanned image and I will try to cut and paste the signatures for you.

If your signature is not perfect, repeat the procedure. You might have to create two or three before you are satisfied.

Remember an image file can easily be resized by highlighting the image ... handles with surround the text. Now you can increase/decrease the width and height of the image like you would do with any other image file.

6. How to use the signature depends on your needs.

    Imbed signature file in template, form, or form letter:

    Place the cursor where you want the signature to display.
    Open Word program / Click Insert / Picture from file
    Find the signature file / Highlight / Click Insert
    The signature is embedded
    Make sure you save the template

    Imbed signatures in a Word document as AutoCorrect features:

    Open a document / Click Insert / Picture from file
    Find the signature file / Open / Highlight / Click Copy
7. You are now ready to create an AutoCorrect entry ... short cuts for your signatures:
    Click the Office Button / Word options ...
    Select Proofing / AutoCorrect Options

Go to the AutoCorrect tab

    In the replace box type in sig1
    In the next box paste the complete signature file image
    Click OK / OK to save the settings

    Repeat the process and add sig2 for the single signature

The next time you are working on a document and want to insert the signature information all you have to do is type sig1 press the space bar and your signature and the added information will be displayed. Type in sig2 and your signature will display.

Or you can use the long way : Insert / Image / File / Highlight image file / Insert

Updated:  July 05, 2012
 Sr. Arlene Callahan
 Training Manager
 Rivier University
 Nashua, NH 03060
 E-mail: acallahan@rivier.edu