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Default Line Spacing 1.15

When you work in a Microsoft Office Word 2007/2010 document, you may notice that there is more space between lines of a paragraph and more space between paragraphs than in earlier versions of Microsoft Word.

The default spacing for documents in Word 2003 is 1.0.
The new default for Word 2007/2010 is 1.15.

The slight increase provides for better readability.

If you want to change the setting go to Home on the ribbon

Go to the Paragraph group
Select the spacing icon / select 1.0 if you want the settings for this document.

If you want to change the default for all documents:
Click Line Spacing Options ...

Select Single spacing
Click Default .... a message will display Click Yes

The next time you open a document the line spacing  will be a 1.0

Before you change the default setting try the new line spacing in your documents to see if you like this feature or not.

Updated:  July 05, 2012

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