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Inserting Hyperlinks

Definition of Hyperlink

"A hyperlink is a word, phrase, or image that you can click on to jump to a new document or a new section within the current document. Hyperlinks are found in nearly all Web pages, allowing users to click their way from page to page. Text hyperlinks are often blue and underlined, but don't have to be. When you move the cursor over a hyperlink, whether it is text or an image, the arrow should change to a small hand pointing at the link. When you click it, a new page or place in the current page will open.

Hyperlinks, often referred to as just "links," are common in Web pages, but can be found in other hypertext documents. These include certain encyclopedias, glossaries, dictionaries, and other references that use hyperlinks. The links act the same way as they do on the Web, allowing the user to jump from page to page. Basically, hyperlinks allow people to browse information at hyperspeed."

Turn on Automatic Hyperlinks

Click the Office Button / Word Options (Word 2007)
Click File button / Options (Word 2010)

From the left hand column select Proofing
Go to AutoCorrect Options
Click AutoFormat as You Type tab
Click Internet and network paths with hyperlinks check box

Insert Hyperlinks

Click Insert tab / Links group
Click Hyperlink

Insert Link to Web Page

In the Text to display box type in the name of the link (Rivier University)
Place this link in the Current Folder

At the bottom of the screen in the Address box type in the internet address:
http://www.rivier.edu / OK

Rivier University is now linked to its web page.

Insert an E-mail Address

Click E-mail address from the left-hand column
The following screen displays
Type in the person's name or association, organization, etc. in the Text to display
Type in the  e-mail address (mailto: is automatically inserted) acallahan@rivier.edu in the box / OK

The name, association, organization, etc, is linked in the document

Make sure you test out the link to make sure it works. 

Updated:  July 05, 2012

Sr. Arlene Callahan
Training Manager
Rivier University
Nashua, NH 03060

E-mail: Sr. Arlene Callahan