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Opening Hyperlinks

Hyperlinks are used in MS Office Programs, other e-mail messages, documents, web pages, etc. There are several ways to open a hyperlink.

1.  Double click on the hyperlink
2.  Right click over the link and select Open Hyperlink
3.  Hold down the Ctrl key and Click link

If you are still having problem:

Make sure the hyperlink is activated; it should be underlined and highlighted with a colored font. Sample

Internet Explorer is not set as the default web browser. You might have a different browser.

Change your default settings:
Click Start / Control Panel / Internet Options
Click Programs tab
Click Make default button
Make sure there is a check mark in the Internet Explorer default check box
Apply / OK


If Internet Explorer is not your default browser, when you open the Internet Explorer a pop-up box will display the following message:
Internet Explorer is not currently your default browser.
Do you wish to make it the default?
Click Yes

Your links should now open.

Updated: July 05, 2012

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