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Insert a Simple Header or Footer

After a document is completed, a header and/or footer may be inserted to add a professional look to your document.

Go to Insert / Header & Footer group
Click blue arrow under Header or Footer to select a preformatted style

Headers & Footers, Change Layout section

Select from the list for a preformatted; edit font, color, etc. as needed

If you want a very simple header Click Edit Header

A new toolbar will spread across the page: because of the length of this toolbar, I divided it into two groupings.

Insert Group

The buttons provide graphics and preformatted texts elements

Navigation Group

Allows you to move from one section to the next section

Options Group

From this group, you can create a different header for the first page. Most of the time, there is no header or footer on the title page. Make sure you select Show Document Text. If deselected the text will not display.

Position Group

The default setting is .5 for top and bottom; this setting can be customized as needed.

Close Header and Footer Group

Click the Close button and continue editing your document the document.

Edit the Header or Footer

The header or footer can be edited at any time. Double click the header/footer text on any page. When editing is complete, double click outside the header/footer area. 

Select the items to include in the header/footer.

Make sure you click the Close Header and Footer button to return to your regular toolbars.

Updated:  July 05, 2012

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