Gutter Margins

Use gutter margins if your printout will be inserted in a 3-ring binder; or, if you you have your thesis or research paper bound into a book format.

View margins in either Print Layout view or Web Layout view.

Change the settings to display text boundaries

Go to Office Button / Word Options
Click Advanced
Scroll down to Show text boundaries
Click Show document content box / OK
After these settings are saved, the page margins appear as dotted lines

Set Gutter Settings

Go to Page Layout tab / Page Setup group
Click blue arrow at the end of the Page Setup group and a dialog box opens

Set the distance for the gutter: .5 is the default; the maximum setting is .75 unless directed otherwise
Gutter Position:  Left or Top
Select Orientation: Portrait or Landscape
Pages: Usually Normal for most of the printing of single pages
Apply to section: Whole document or Selected text / OK

Other Multiple Page Options

Use Mirror Margins to set up facing pages for double-sided documents, such as books or magazines. The margin on the left page is the mirror image of that on the right page.

Use Book Fold to create a booklet.

NOTE: The Gutter position box is not available when you use the Mirror margins, 2 pages per sheet, or Book fold option. For these options, the gutter position is determined automatically.

Updated:  July 05, 2012                   

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