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Group / Ungroup Images

When you use the Group commands you combine them so you can work with them as though they were a single object. You can flip, rotate, and resize or scale all objects in a group as a single unit. You can also change all objects in a group at one time — for example, you might change the fill color or add a shadow to all objects in the group.

To Group:

Select all the images to group
        If you have three images, you must select all three.
        Select the first one. Then hold down the CTRL key and select the other images.
        The following group has three distinct images stacked on top of each other ...

Make sure all the image handles display. This activates the Format toolbar.
Click Format tab / Arrange group


Click the Group option

Select from drop-down list


To Ungroup:

Select the grouped image(s) you want to remove.

Go to Format tab / Arrange group

Click the Group option.

Select Ungroup from the drop-down list.

After the images are grouped, they can be moved as one unit.

Created:  July 05, 2012

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