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Format Painter

MS Word has a wonderful feature known as the Format Painter icon. This shortcut can copy formatting in a Word document, a cell in Excel or Access, and automatically apply the same formatting to other text, cells, etc.

The formatting includes:

paragraph attributes (alignment, indentation, no. of lines, etc)
character attributes (fonts, bold face, colored text, italics, etc.)

Where do I find the Format Painter?

Go to Home tab / Clipboard group
Click Format Painter

Click the Paint Brush

How do I use the Format Painter?

Select the text or graphic that has the formatting you want.

Single click the Format Painter button if you want to apply to a single heading
Double click the Format Painter button if you want to apply to multiple headings

The mouse pointer will change to a brush icon.

Move the pointer to the next paragraph heading and paint over the heading. The formatting will be automatically applied.

How do I deactivate the format painter?

Click the Format Painter icon to deactivate or Click ESC

Alternative Method

If you have a very large document, there is an alternative method.

Open the document.
Edit the heading as needed
Highlight the text
Go to Editing Group / Select
From the drop-down list Click Select Text with Similar Formatting

All the headings will be changed at once.
This is a new feature in Word 2007.

July 05, 2012

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