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Add Words to Custom Dictionary

There are two methods of adding names or words to the custom dictionary.

Method One: Adding names / words on the fly as you type. This is the recommended method.

As you type a word in the document the dictionary checks the word against a master spelling list. If the word is not found it will be flagged as a spelling error and underlined in red.

To add specialized terminology right click over the word
A drop-down menu displays on the top of the list are the spelling suggestions

If the word does not appear
Select Add to Dictionary
The word is now added to your custom dictionary.

If you type the names of people several times a year, then add the names to the dictionary. In the long run it will be a time saver for you.

Method Two: Using the batch mode to enter multiple names

Open any program
Click the Office button / Choose Options button (Word 2007)
Click File button / Options (Word 2010)

Select Proofing / When correcting spelling in MS programs section
Click Custom Dictionaries

The following pop-up screen displays
Click Edit Word List... button

The following pop-up screen displays

To add an item: Type in the name or word in the top field
The Add button will activate / Click Add / OK

Repeat the procedure to enter each name / word.

Created:  July 05, 2012

Sr. Arlene Callahan
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