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Office Diagnostics (Detect and Repair)

The old Detect and Repair feature of Office 2003 is obsolete and has been replaced with Office Diagnostics.

Remember how well Office 2007 ran after your first installed it? As the Outlook and Word Programs have the greatest use, the potential for problems will occur in these programs. If programs are sluggish and causing problems run the Office Diagnostics. This function will check all the programs.

If you installed Office 2007 via disk, make sure you have it on hand. If you are in your office, you are automatically connected to the network server.

Running Diagnostics can takes 15-20 minutes. This is a good program to run during lunch break.

Most errors will be repaired; for others, the program generates recommendations on how to solve the problems.

For Word:
Click Office Button / Word options at the bottom of the screen
Click Resources / run Microsoft Office Diagnostics

For Outlook:
Open Outlook Program
Click Help menu / Office Diagnostics...

Run the Diagnostics. There is a status report for each section as it is checked.

At the end of the Diagnostic Check, Click Summary of results
If you installed the program with a disk follow the directions; at some point you will be asked to insert the disk.

Click Detailed Results button to get a complete listing ... you might want to print out this data if you are having major problems.

Diagnostics should be run when you encounter problems; or, for general maintenance run once or twice a year.

Revised :  July 05, 2012

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