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Open a Corrupted File

If you try to open and older document created in earlier versions of MS Office, you may encounter a File is Corrupted Message. If this happens try the following:

Open Word or Excel or PPT program
Click the Office Button
Click Open
The folder on your p:\drive should display if you are working on the network;
                 or, the c:\drive will display if you are working on your laptop.
Find the corrupted file
Highlight the file .... do not Click the Open button
Click the Black diamond to the right of the Open button
A drop-down list will display
Select Open and Repair

Be patient and let the computer attempt to open the file.
The file will repair itself and open.
Resave the file under a new name and delete the corrupted file.

If you were unable to open the file, e-mail it to me. I have file recovery software.
The opened file will be e-mailed to your inbox.

July 05, 2012

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