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Run Compatibility Check

The compatibility check is a new feature of Word 2007. When you have saved a formatted 2007 word document, have Office check the compatibility check with older versions of Word 2000-2003.

This is very useful if you plan on uploading Office 2007 documents to BlackBoard; or, forward word documents to students. You will know in an instant what is not compatible with earlier versions. This allows you to make corrections.

For example, if your document contains SmartArt (which is a feature that is not supported in earlier versions of Word), when a colleague using Word 2003 opens your document, the SmartArt graphics will be converted into a single object that cannot be edited.

To have Office check the document for features that are not supported in earlier versions of Word, follow these steps:

  1. Click Office button.
  2. Click Prepare in the left pane and click Run Compatibility Checker.

Word 2007 provides a report that lists the document's unsupported features and details what you can do, if anything, to make your document readable in earlier versions.

If you frequently e-mail documents in compatibility mode, you can have Word automatically run a compatibility check every time you save a file. To do so, select the Check Compatibility When Saving In Word 97-2003 Formats check box in the Word Compatibility Checker dialog box before clicking OK to close the compatibility report.

Created:   July 05, 2012

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