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Insert Multiple Chapters into Book Format

For safety, make a duplicate copy of your files.

If you are creating a multi-chapter document and want the endnotes/footnotes to appear at the end of each chapter, then every chapter should be saved as a separate document file. After your chapters have been separated and saved. You are ready to merge the chapters into a book format.

To merge the various files into a single document and specify where the endnotes/footnotes should appear is a fairly complex procedure.

1. Open a new document

2. Format the pages: set the font type and size, margins, orientation, etc.

3. Insert the first file
    Go to Insert tab / Text group
    Click Object icon / Select Text from file

Find and highlight the file
Click Insert

The first document file is now inserted
Go down to the first footnote or endnote and click in front of the first footnote/endnote
Go to References tab / Footnotes group
Click the blue arrow at the end of the group
The following dialog box opens

Click the radial button for Endnotes or Footnotes
Select End of section
Number format 1,2,3,
Start at 1
Restart each section
Click Apply

The endnotes or footnotes are customized as to how they will display.

Go to the last word of the last paragraph of text (not the footnotes/endnotes)
Click Enter
Now insert a Section break
Go to Page Layout / Page Setup group
Click Breaks icon Click Section Breaks / Next page

The screen will automatically move down to an empty page.

4. At this spot insert your second file

5. Repeat Steps 3 and 4 for each remaining chapter.

6. Save document

Save your document often ...

Updated:  July 05, 2012
 Sr. Arlene Callahan
 Training Manager
 Rivier University
 Nashua, NH 03060
 E-mail: acallahan@rivier.edu