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Change Image into AutoShape

All too often, an image is inserted into a document file. There might be occasions when an AutoShape image is the best viewing option. Available autoshapes include lines, basic geometric shapes, arrows, equation shapes, flowchart shape, stars, banners, and callouts.

This tutorial applies to Word and PowerPoint.

Insert the image or clipart into a document.
Click over the image: Word/PPT displays handles around the outside of the shape
The Format tab will automatically display

In the Picture Styles group, you can select from a variety of framed pictures; or, click the Picture Shape and select one of the AutosSapes that makes your picture stand out ... try several different options to maximize the look of the image.

Click the Picture Border for preformatted options and colors.
Try some Picture Effects ... for more options click the arrow in the Picture Styles group
If you selected a bordered frame Click Picture Border to select the color, etc.
The Picture Effects options allows you to select nifty viewing.

At the extreme left of the Format Toolbar is the Adjust group
In this section you can adjust the settings to create a perfect image.
Sometimes an image is too dark, too light, etc.
Tweak the image within this group.

You will succeed to enhance your picture if you try various options. There is no set rule because every picture is different.

The Arrange group allows you to position the picture or autoshape where you want in the document.
There are many options to select from.

The Size group allows you to crop a section and to give a very specific size.

Created:  July 05, 2012

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