Windows 7
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Snap/Unsnap a Window

If you are working with two documents and need to see the documents side-by-side, Windows 7 has a nifty feature called snap/unsnap a window.

Try it out:

Open a file/document
Left click and hold the Title bar, then drag the window to the right or left edge of the screen; release the left click. The file will open to half of the screen.

If you are working on two documents
Open both files
Drag one to the left edge of the screen and the other to the right edge.

To UNSNAP a window
Left click and hold the Title bar, then drag down a bit until the window is unsnapped.

Created:  July 05, 2012

Sr. Arlene Callahan
Training Manager
Rivier University
Nashua, NH 03060