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Print/Print Preview

This is a great new feature! You will love it.

The Print preview Experience and the Print dialog box have been combined into the Print Place in the Backstage view. This feature is consistent across all Office applications.  The workflow process is still the same by using CTRL+P or by selecting Print in the Backstage.

In Microsoft Office 2010 the Print tab in the Backstage view has been totally redesigned. All of the printing functions are combined in one area. In Word 2010, the new view combines the Print dialog, the most common Page Setup elements, and Print Preview. Let’s take a look at some of the options Word 2010 provides:

To go to Word 2010’s Print view:

Click the File tab / Select Print


Press Ctrl-P

Word 2010 Print Options

From here, you can do pretty much anything you want related to printing your Word document or managing the document properties.
When I start up Word 2010, my Print tab defaults are as follows:



All the changes can now be made in the Backstage area.

Click the black arrow for different options.

As you edit the printing functions, the Print Preview screen will reflect

the changes you are making.

Defaults What you can change with the drop down
Printer What printer you want to use. You can also send to OneNote, or print to a file.
Print All Pages What you print: all pages, the current page, a range of pages, or if text is selected, the selected text. Also various properties: including styles used, AutoText entries, and any custom key assignments you’ve made.
Print One Sided Whether you print single sided or duplex (two sided).
Collated Whether or not the sheets are printed in order or not.
Portrait Orientation The orientation of the document.
Letter The paper size.
Office 2003 Default Margins Preset margins, or custom margins.
1 Page Per Sheet How many pages per sheet you print, up to 16.



Updated:  July 05, 2012

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