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Package a Presentation for CD

Take your PPT presentation on the road ... to a conference, meeting, etc. Even if a presentation is saved to a laptop, consider preparing a CD in case there is a problem connecting the laptop to the in-house cable. Most conference sites provide a computer on which to run your program.

When you prepare a PPT presentation in 2010 format there might be a problem running the show on equipment that is running an older version of PPT.

To overcome this problem use the Package a Presentation for CD feature in PowerPoint. This feature will automatically download the PowerPoint 2007 Viewer and all associated files (audio clips: videos, music, excel files, etc.).  The viewer 2007 will run on Windows 7, Vista or Windows XP with Service Pack 2 or later.

Open the presentation you want to package.

Click File tab / Save & Send / Package Presentation for CD
Click Package for CD icon

Name the CD: type in a name (16 digits only)
Make sure you have all the files for this presentation (images, sound files, video files, etc.)
Click Add ... button to download them to this folder
Copy to CD

Warning window


Po-up windows

Checking for valid CD
Follow directions ....
Copying files to CD / Closing the CD ...

When the task is completed a new pop-up message

Yes or No depending on your option.

Created:  July 05, 2012

Sr. Arlene Callahan
Training Manager
Rivier University
Nashua, NH 03060

E-mail: acallahan@rivier.edu