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Save Outlook Messages

To save an email message to your P:\ or C:\drive:
Open your Outlook program.
Select the message
Double click to open the message in full view.
Click File Button / Save as ...
In the File name box, type a name for the file
In the Save as type box, select the file type

You have three file type options:

1. Text only: this option should be used with caution. If the email message is in plain text there will be no problem.
    If the email message has any special formatting, all the unique formatting will be stripped away and only the plain text will be saved.

2. Outlook Message Format - Unicode: This is the default option.
Click Save and the message is saved with all the formatting.

3. HTML: This is the safest option and can be opened in any program.

Save to your P:\ or C:\drive  and folder.

Created:  July 05, 2012

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If you always save messages in the Unicode message format (Outlook Message Format - Unicode) - for example, if you need to share all the messages you create with co-workers who are using different languages such as Greek, Russian, English, and Japanese or Unicode-only languages such as Hindi - you can change the default file format Outlook uses to save messages.
  1. Click Advanced Options.
  2. Click Other.