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  • Day = Traditional Undergraduate
  • Professional Studies = Evening, Weekend and Online undergraduate
  • Graduate = Master's and Post-Master's Level


  • ED = Education Center
  • LC = Learning Commons
  • MEM = Memorial Hall
  • MH = Mendel Hall
  • STH = Sylvia Trottier Hall


  • M = Monday
  • T = Tuesday
  • W = Wednesday
  • R = Thursday
  • F = Friday
  • S = Saturday
  • U = Sunday


  • FYS = First Year Seminars
  • JYS = Junior Year Seminars
  • SL = Service Learning
  • WC = Writing Center

Online Courses:

Utilize the internet and the Canvas course management system. Students and instructor do not meet on campus. The beginning and end date for the course is listed on the schedule, but there are no specific classroom meeting times.


Meet partly on campus and partly online. Students and instructor use Canvas to communicate outside the classroom. Class meeting dates and times are listed on the schedule.

For more details, download a Campus Map in PDF format.

Please note: Registration for Fall 2015 and Summer 2015 will begin Monday, March 2, 2015 at 8:30 a.m.

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IDCourseCrFacultyDaysFromToBeginEndRoomClass SizeOpen SeatsNotes 
BIO504AOL ADV PATHOPHYSIOLOGY 3 M Hand ONLINEONLINE05/18/1508/07/15OLOnline2216  View Textbook
BUS510AH1 ACCOUNTING FOR MANAGERS 3 J White W 5:30PM 8:30PM05/18/1506/26/15STH207224Hybrid, Term 1 View Textbook
BUS523AO1 MARKETING/PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT 3 D O'Gara ONLINEONLINE05/18/1506/26/15OLOnline2213  View Textbook
BUS550AH2 GLOBAL FINANCE FOR MANAGERS 3 I Alhamis W 5:30PM 8:30PM06/29/1508/07/15STH207220Hybrid, Term 2 View Textbook
BUS559AO2 HEALTH CARE FINANCE 3 T Morgan ONLINEONLINE06/29/1508/07/15OLOnline220  View Textbook
BUS560AW2 ORGANIZATIONAL DYNAMICS 3 B Reynolds SU 8:00AM 4:00PM07/11/1507/26/15STH208226Meets: 7/11-12, 25-26 View Textbook
BUS574AH2 PROGRAM MANAGEMENT 3 R Lachance T 5:30PM 8:30PM06/29/1508/07/15STH2072217  View Textbook
BUS652AO1 HEALTHCARE POLICY 3 L Sancetta ONLINEONLINE05/18/1506/26/15OLOnline229  View Textbook
BUS660HW2 HUMAN RESOURCES MANAGEMENT 3 T Pucciarello F 5:30PM 8:30PM07/10/1507/12/15STH2072211Meets: 7/10-12 View Textbook
BUS660HW2 HUMAN RESOURCES MANAGEMENT 3 T Pucciarello SU 8:00AM 4:00PM07/10/1507/12/15STH2072211Meets: 7/10-12 View Textbook
BUS661HW1 ORGANIZATIONAL DEVELOPMENT 3 T Pucciarello F 5:30PM 8:30PM06/12/1506/14/15STH2072520Meets: 6/12 - 6/14 View Textbook
BUS661HW1 ORGANIZATIONAL DEVELOPMENT 3 T Pucciarello SU 8:00AM 4:00PM06/12/1506/14/15STH2072520Meets: 6/12 - 6/14 View Textbook
BUS679AH1 FACILITIES PLANNING 3 F Thornton W 5:30PM 8:30PM05/18/1506/26/15STH2082216Hybrid, Term 1 View Textbook
BUS689AH2 MARKETING STRATEGY & POLICY 3 D O'Gara R 5:30PM 8:30PM06/29/1508/07/15STH2082220Hybrid View Textbook
BUS690AO2 QUANT PROCESS IMPROVE IN ORG 3 J Flores ONLINEONLINE06/29/1508/07/15OLOnline2217  View Textbook
BUS698AL INTERNSHIP 0 A Toosi BY ARRBY ARR05/18/1508/07/15BYARR54Permission of Dean Required View Textbook
BUS777AO2 STRATEGIES OF HEALTHCARE ADMINISTRATION 3 G Young ONLINEONLINE06/29/1508/07/15OLOnline2217Permission of Dean Required View Textbook
BUS779AO STRATEGIES OF INNOVATION 3 J Flores ONLINEONLINE05/18/1507/10/15OLOnline221  View Textbook
CS552AH1 OBJECT-ORIENTED DESIGN 3 K Bagley T 5:30PM 8:30PM05/18/1506/26/15ED303220Hybrid; Term 1 View Textbook
CS552AH2 OBJECT-ORIENTED DESIGN 3 Y Tseng W 2:15PM 5:15PM06/29/1508/07/15ED305230Hybrid; Term 2 View Textbook
CS552BH1 OBJECT-ORIENTED DESIGN 3 B Lopez M 5:30PM 8:30PM05/18/1506/26/15ED3052116Hybrid; Term 1 View Textbook
CS552CH1 OBJECT-ORIENTED DESIGN 3 J Veranas M 2:15PM 5:15PM05/18/1506/26/15ED305216new SU15 cohort; Hybrid: Term 1 View Textbook
CS553AH1 NETWORKING TECHNOLOGIES 3 J Zavgren T 5:30PM 8:30PM05/18/1506/26/15ED3052118Hybrid; Term 1 View Textbook
CS553AH2 NETWORKING TECHNOLOGIES 3 P Macdonald T 5:30PM 8:30PM06/29/1508/07/15STH135240Hybrid; Term 2 View Textbook
CS553BH1 NETWORKING TECHNOLOGIES 3 R Egorov W 5:30PM 8:30PM05/18/1506/25/15STH301216new SU15 cohort; Hybrid; Term 1 View Textbook
CS553BH2 NETWORKING TECHNOLOGIES 3 Y Tseng F 2:15PM 5:15PM06/29/1508/07/15MEM2043114new SU15 cohort; Hybrid; Term 2 View Textbook
CS554AH1 OPERATING SYSTEMS 3 J Cupak W 2:15PM 5:15PM05/18/1506/26/15STH135250Hybrid; Term 1 View Textbook
CS554AH2 OPERATING SYSTEMS 3 J Vanderburgh M 5:30PM 8:30PM06/29/1508/07/15ED303214new SU15 cohort; Hybrid; Term 2 View Textbook
CS554BH1 OPERATING SYSTEMS 3 C Wilkes R 5:30PM 8:30PM05/18/1506/26/15MEM204312Hybrid; Term 1 View Textbook
CS554BH2 OPERATING SYSTEMS 3 D Pitts T 2:15PM 5:15PM06/29/1508/07/15ED303250Hybrid; Term 2 View Textbook
CS556AH1 COMPUTER ARCHITECTURE 3 R Marceau M 2:15PM 5:15PM05/18/1506/26/15MEM204310Hybrid; Term 1 View Textbook
CS556AH2 COMPUTER ARCHITECTURE 3 R Marceau M 2:15PM 5:15PM06/29/1508/07/15MEM204310Hybrid; Term 2 View Textbook
CS556BH1 COMPUTER ARCHITECTURE 3 D Pitts T 2:15PM 5:15PM05/18/1506/26/15STH1352418Hybrid; Term 1 View Textbook
CS556BH2 COMPUTER ARCHITECTURE 3 C Wilkes R 5:30PM 8:30PM06/29/1508/07/15MEM2043117new SU15 cohort; Hybrid; Term 2 View Textbook
CS557AL ALGORITHMS 3 R Marceau M 5:30PM 8:00PM05/18/1508/07/15MEM204310  View Textbook
CS557BL ALGORITHMS 3 D Selent T 2:45PM 5:15PM05/18/1508/07/15MEM2043124  View Textbook
CS557DL ALGORITHMS 3 J Veranas T 2:45PM 5:15PM05/18/1508/07/15ED305216new SU15 cohort; View Textbook
CS572AH1 COMPUTER SECURITY 3 J Zavgren R 5:30PM 8:30PM05/18/1506/26/15ED305217new SU15 cohort; Hybrid; Term 1 View Textbook
CS572AH2 COMPUTER SECURITY 3 Y Tseng R 2:15PM 5:15PM06/29/1508/07/15MEM2043113new SU15 cohort; Hybrid; Term 2 View Textbook
CS572BH2 COMPUTER SECURITY 3 J Zavgren T 5:30PM 8:30PM06/29/1508/07/15ED305230Hybrid; Term 2 View Textbook
CS585BL JAVA PROGRAMMING 3 D Selent R 2:45PM 5:15PM05/18/1508/07/15ED3052111  View Textbook
CS585CL JAVA PROGRAMMING 3 M Tizio M 5:30PM 8:00PM05/18/1508/07/15STH135250  View Textbook
CS597AH1 MULTIMEDIA AND WEB DEVELOPMENT 3 J Cupak R 2:15PM 5:15PM05/18/1506/26/15MEM204311Hybrid; Term 1 View Textbook
CS597AH2 MULTIMEDIA AND WEB DEVELOPMENT 3 J Veranas W 2:15PM 5:15PM06/29/1508/07/15MEM2043115Hybrid; Term 2 View Textbook
CS608AH1 SOFTWARE ENGINEERING 3 R Schaefer W 5:30PM 8:30PM05/18/1506/26/15ED303210Hybrid; Term 1 View Textbook
CS610AH1 DATABASE MGT SYSTEMS 3 P Macdonald R 5:30PM 8:30PM05/18/1506/26/15STH135245new SU15 cohort; Hybrid: Term 1 View Textbook
CS610AH2 DATABASE MGT SYSTEMS 3 P Macdonald R 5:30PM 8:30PM06/29/1508/07/15STH135290Hybrid; Term 2 View Textbook
CS610BH2 DATABASE MGT SYSTEMS 3 R Schaefer W 5:30PM 8:30PM06/29/1508/07/15ED303210Hybrid; Term 2 View Textbook
CS612AH2 INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY 3 TBA W 2:15PM 5:15PM06/29/1508/06/15ED3032110Hybrid; Term 2 View Textbook
CS616AH1 DATA MINING 3 R Greene W 5:30PM 8:30PM05/18/1506/26/15STH135270Hybrid; Term 1 View Textbook
CS616AH2 DATA MINING 3 R Greene W 5:30PM 8:30PM06/29/1508/07/15STH135250Hybrid; Term 2 View Textbook
CS616BH1 DATA MINING 3 M Tizio T 5:30PM 8:30PM05/18/1506/26/15MEM204310Hybrid; Term 1 View Textbook
CS616BH2 DATA MINING 3 M Tizio T 5:30PM 8:30PM06/29/1508/07/15MEM204320Hybrid; Term 2 View Textbook
CS632AH1 CLIENT/SERVER COMPUTING 3 J Vanderburgh R 5:30PM 8:30PM05/18/1506/26/15ED303211Hybrid; Term 1 View Textbook
CS693BH1 TOPIC: RUBY SCRIPTING LANGUAGE 3 S Sawtell W 5:30PM 8:30PM05/18/1506/26/15ED3052217Hybrid: Term 1 View Textbook
CS694AH1 TOPIC: SURVEY OF PROGRAM LANGUAGES 3 J Veranas W 2:15PM 5:15PM05/18/1506/26/15MEM2043120Hybrid; Term 1 View Textbook
CS695AH2 TOPIC: INTRO CARRIER ETHERNET 3 C Wilkes M 5:30PM 8:30PM06/29/1508/07/15ED305210Hybrid; Term 2 View Textbook
CS698AL PROFESSIONAL INTERNSHIP 3 V Riabov   1:00AMBY ARR05/18/1508/07/15BYARR1010  View Textbook
CS699AL PROFESSIONAL SEMINAR 3 D Pitts R 5:30PM 8:00PM05/18/1508/07/15STH207250  View Textbook
CS699BL PROFESSIONAL SEMINAR 3 R Marceau R 2:45PM 5:15PM05/18/1508/07/15STH207250  View Textbook
ED501BL FUNDAMENTALS OF RESEARCH 3 J Gleason W 4:00PM 6:30PM05/18/1508/07/15ED201207  View Textbook
ED505AO2 ADV PSYCH HUMAN DEVELOPMENT 3 G Khera  ONLINEONLINE06/29/1508/07/15OLOnline207  View Textbook
ED506AW2 ED MEASUREMENT & EVALUATION 3 S Matthews MTWR 8:00AM 3:30PM07/06/1507/09/15ED2012014Meets: 7/6-9 View Textbook
ED516AOL TEACHING IN INCLUSION SETTINGS 3 J Thoren ONLINEONLINE05/18/1508/07/15OLOnline2011  View Textbook
ED518HW2 CLASSROOM BEHAVIOR MANAGEMENT 3 C Apfel S 9:00AM 3:00PM07/11/1508/01/15ED2012013Meets: 7/11,25; 8/1 View Textbook
ED520A1 FOUNDATIONS OF READING 3 K McIlwain TR 4:00PM 6:30PM05/18/1506/26/15ED3102012  View Textbook
ED527AL STRUGGLING READERS & WRITERS 3 TBA T 6:30PM 9:00PM05/25/1508/13/15ED2012013  View Textbook
ED535A1 CONSULTATION COLLABORATION LEADERSHIP 3 K McIlwain MW 4:00PM 6:30PM05/18/1506/26/15ED2052522  View Textbook
ED538AL COGNITIVE ASSESSMENT I 3 R Walrath W 6:45PM 9:15PM05/18/1508/07/15ED307129  View Textbook
ED541AW2 ISSUES:SCHOOL ADMINISTRATION 3 M Dreyer S 8:30AM 4:30PM07/11/1508/01/15ED2052017Meets: 7/11, 18, 25; 8/1 View Textbook
ED550A1 ADV CHILD DEVELOPMENT 3 S McDowell TR 4:00PM 6:30PM05/18/1506/26/15ED2032017  View Textbook
ED590A1 ARTS CREATIVITY TECHNOLOGY 3 S Marandos M 4:00PM 9:00PM05/18/1506/26/15ED3032517  View Textbook
ED593AO2 CURRICULUM DEVELOPMENT & TECHNOLOGY 3 S Marandos  ONLINEONLINE06/29/1508/07/15OLOnline2016  View Textbook
ED599A1 ABA III: CHALLENGING BEHAVIORS IN ASD 3 T Bolick T 4:00PM 9:00PM05/18/1506/26/15ED3082516  View Textbook
ED602AL SOCIAL SKILLS & COMMUNICATION 3 M Plowman W 4:00PM 6:30PM05/18/1508/07/15ED2032221  View Textbook
ED604A1 LITERACY & LANGUAGE ACQUISITION 3 D Uttero MW 4:00PM 6:30PM05/18/1506/26/15ED3082018  View Textbook
ED605AH1 STAFF DEVELOPMENT & EVALUATION 3 M Dreyer W 4:00PM 6:30PM05/18/1506/26/15ED314208  View Textbook
ED610AH1 BASIC HUMAN INTERACTION 4 C Langelier T 4:00PM 6:30PM05/18/1506/26/15ED3141811  View Textbook
ED611AH1 PSYCHOTHERAPY FOR CHILDREN 3 A Mousseau M 4:00PM 6:30PM05/18/1506/26/15ED3131811  View Textbook
ED612AO1 PROF ISSUES IN SCHOOL COUNSELING 3 C Langelier  ONLINEONLINE05/18/1506/26/15OLOnline2010  View Textbook
ED613AH1 INTERVENTION & CONSULTATION 3 R Royer T 6:45PM 9:15PM05/18/1506/26/15ED313202  View Textbook
ED614AO1 COUNSELING THEORY 3 C Langelier  ONLINEONLINE05/18/1506/26/15OLOnline2013  View Textbook
ED615AH2 TECHNIQUES OF COUNSELING 4 G Khera R 1:15PM 3:45PM06/29/1508/07/15ED3021812  View Textbook
ED616AH1 GROUP COUNSELING 4 R Royer R 6:45PM 9:15PM05/18/1506/26/15ED3131811  View Textbook
ED618AO2 PROFESSIONAL ISSUES MH COUNSELING 3 C Langelier ONLINEONLINE06/29/1508/07/15OLOnline2015  View Textbook
ED620AO2 SPIRITUAL DIMENSIONS OF COUNSELING 3 A Mousseau  ONLINEONLINE06/29/1508/07/15OLOnline2019  View Textbook
ED624AOL CLINICAL DISORDERS: DIAGNOSIS & TREATMENT 3 C Langelier ONLINEONLINE05/18/1508/07/15OLOnline207  View Textbook
ED626AO2 POSITIVE PSYCHOLOGY 3 A Mousseau  ONLINEONLINE06/29/1508/07/15OLOnline2010  View Textbook
ED627A1 ADV GROUP COUNSELING 4 D Proctor R 4:00PM 9:00PM05/18/1506/26/15ED3011812  View Textbook
ED629AH1 ADDICTIVE BEHAVIORS 3 R Royer T 4:00PM 6:30PM05/18/1506/26/15ED3132012  View Textbook
ED631A2 LITERACY ASSESSMENT 3 D Uttero MW 6:30PM 9:00PM06/29/1508/07/15ED2052015  View Textbook
ED632AW2 THE PHILOSOPHY OF QUALITY IN ED 3 L Kalloger MTWRF 9:00AM 4:00PM07/06/1507/10/15ED203209Meets: 7/6-7/10 View Textbook
ED665AOL ASSESS DISTRICT PERFORM INDICATORS 3 P Bonaccorsi ONLINEONLINE05/18/1508/07/15OLOnline2215  View Textbook
ED672AO1 INTRODUCTION TO COUNSELING 1 C Langelier ONLINEONLINE05/18/1506/26/15OLOnline2013  View Textbook
ED681AW1 CAREER & LIFESTYLE DEVELOPMENT 3 D Sullivan-Parker S 9:00AM 5:00PM05/23/1506/27/15ED3132015Meets 5/23, 30; 6/13; 6/27 View Textbook
ED701AH1 FOUNDATIONS SCHOOL PSYCHOLOGY 3 L Dorow W 4:00PM 6:30PM05/18/1506/26/15ED3132014  View Textbook
ED704AL PERSONALITY ASSESSMENT I 4 R Walrath R 4:00PM 6:30PM05/18/1508/07/15ED307186  View Textbook
ED705AL NEUROPSYCHOLOGICAL ASSESSMENT I 3 R Walrath T 4:00PM 6:30PM05/18/1508/07/15ED3071815  View Textbook
ED720AH1 PERSPECTIVES CULTURAL DIVERSITY 3 G Khera R 1:15PM 3:45PM05/18/1506/26/15ED3022010  View Textbook
ENG535HW2 ISSUES/LANGUAGE ARTS CLASSROOMS 3 D Woelflein MTWRF 9:00AM12:00PM07/20/1507/24/15MEM2062216Meets: 7/20-24 View Textbook
ENG685HW2 NOVEL: TRADITIONS AND TEACHING 3 W Maniotis MTWRF 9:00AM12:00PM07/13/1507/17/15MEM2062215Meets: 7/13-17 View Textbook
MA509A2 HISTORY OF MATH 3 O Chuyan MW 6:00PM 9:00PM06/29/1508/06/15MEM2062525  View Textbook
NSG501AOL NURSING THEORY 3 M Hand ONLINEONLINE05/18/1508/07/15OLOnline224  View Textbook
NSG516AO1 ADVANCED HEALTH ASSESSMENT 3 T Hardy  ONLINEONLINE05/18/1507/02/15OLOnline8-1  View Textbook
NSG601AOL QUALITY HEALTHCARE IMPROVEMENT 3 C Sullivan ONLINE 2:02PM05/18/1508/07/15OLOnline15-8  View Textbook
NSG601BOL QUALITY HEALTHCARE IMPROVEMENT 3 C Sullivan ONLINEONLINE05/18/1508/07/15OLOnline1510  View Textbook
NSG605AOL RESEARCH DESIGN 3 D Proulx ONLINEONLINE05/18/1508/07/15OLOnline184  View Textbook
NSG606AL RESEARCH CAPSTONE ADVISEMENT 2 D Proulx BY ARRBY ARR05/18/1508/07/15BYARR1813  View Textbook
SPA640AO1 TP: CHRISTIANS MUSLIMS JEWS IN SPAIN 3 C Giacalone ONLINEONLINE05/18/1506/26/15OLOnline2523  View Textbook
SST630AH1 THE SOCIAL STUDIES CURRICULUM 3 M Menke T 6:30PM 9:30PM05/18/1506/25/15MEM1012520  View Textbook