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  • Day = Traditional Undergraduate
  • Professional Studies = Evening, Weekend and Online undergraduate
  • Graduate = Master's and Post-Master's Level


  • ED = Education Center
  • LC = Learning Commons
  • MEM = Memorial Hall
  • MH = Mendel Hall
  • STH = Sylvia Trottier Hall


  • M = Monday
  • T = Tuesday
  • W = Wednesday
  • R = Thursday
  • F = Friday
  • S = Saturday
  • U = Sunday


  • FYS = First Year Seminars
  • JYS = Junior Year Seminars
  • SL = Service Learning
  • WC = Writing Center

Online Courses:

Utilize the internet and the Canvas course management system. Students and instructor do not meet on campus. The beginning and end date for the course is listed on the schedule, but there are no specific classroom meeting times.


Meet partly on campus and partly online. Students and instructor use Canvas to communicate outside the classroom. Class meeting dates and times are listed on the schedule.

And please see our Interactive Campus Map for more details, or download a Campus Map in PDF format.

Please note: Registration for Spring 2015 will begin October 14, 2014 at 8:30 a.m.

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IDCourseCrFacultyDaysFromToBeginEndRoomClass SizeOpen SeatsNotes 
BUS475EO2 PRODUCTION OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT 3 S Gallerani  ONLINEONLINE10/21/1412/18/14OLOnline2213  View Textbook
ENG260EO2 LITERATURE OF SELF-DISCOVERY 3 A Rahman  ONLINEONLINE10/21/1412/18/14OLOnline221  View Textbook
HD410EO COLLABORATION & COTEACHING 3 J Green  ONLINEONLINE09/02/1412/11/14OLOnline259 View Textbook
HIS101EO1 US HISTORY I 3 S Roper ONLINEONLINE08/25/1410/20/14OLOnline222Social Science Core View Textbook
HIS101GO1 US HISTORY I 3 S Roper ONLINEONLINE08/25/1410/20/14OLOnline225if needed View Textbook
HIS204EO2 THE WEST IN THE WORLD II 3 K Fitzpatrick ONLINEONLINE10/21/1412/18/14OLOnline226  View Textbook
MA100EO MATH REFRESHER 3 K Zimmer ONLINEONLINE09/02/1412/11/14OLOnline2212  View Textbook
MA110EO INTRODUCTORY STATISTICS 3 L Jackson  ONLINEONLINE09/02/1412/11/14OLOnline180  View Textbook
MA110GO INTRODUCTORY STATISTICS 3 L Pino  ONLINEONLINE09/02/1412/11/14OLOnline183  View Textbook
NSG221EO PATHOPHYSIOLOGY 3 M Hand ONLINEONLINE09/02/1412/11/14OLOnline223  View Textbook
NSG221FO PATHOPHYSIOLOGY 3 S Moore ONLINE 2:02PM09/02/1412/11/14OLOnline223  View Textbook
NSG221GO PATHOPHYSIOLOGY 3 B Dunn ONLINEONLINE09/02/1412/11/14OLOnline223  View Textbook
NSG221HO PATHOPHYSIOLOGY 3 S Moore ONLINEONLINE09/02/1412/11/14OLOnline2213  View Textbook
NSG302EO1 POLICY/POLITICS/NSG PROFESSION 3 K Poplar  ONLINEONLINE08/25/1410/20/14OLOnline223  View Textbook
NSG302EO2 POLICY/POLITICS/NSG PROFESSION 3 K Poplar ONLINE 2:02PM10/21/1412/18/14OLOnline225  View Textbook
NSG302GO1 POLICY/POLITICS/NSG PROFESSION 3 A Carmichael ONLINEONLINE08/25/1410/20/14OLOnline229  View Textbook
NSG302GO2 POLICY/POLITICS/NSG PROFESSION 3 A Carmichael  ONLINEONLINE10/21/1412/18/14OLOnline2213  View Textbook
NSG310EO HEALTH ASSESSMENT 3 J Thompson  ONLINEONLINE09/02/1412/11/14OLOnline180  View Textbook
NSG310FO HEALTH ASSESSMENT 3 J Thompson ONLINE 2:02PM09/02/1412/11/14OLOnline180  View Textbook
NSG310GO HEALTH ASSESSMENT 3 D Langlais ONLINEONLINE09/02/1412/11/14OLOnline182  View Textbook
NSG310HO HEALTH ASSESSMENT 3 J Charron ONLINE 2:02PM09/02/1412/11/14OLOnline182  View Textbook
NSG320EO1 FAMILIES & HEALTH NURSING 3 M Clark ONLINEONLINE08/25/1410/20/14OLOnline223  View Textbook
NSG320EO2 FAMILIES & HEALTH NURSING 3 S Harrington ONLINEONLINE10/21/1412/18/14OLOnline225  View Textbook
NSG320GO1 FAMILIES & HEALTH NURSING 3 S Harrington ONLINEONLINE08/25/1410/20/14OLOnline224  View Textbook
NSG330EOL RESEARCH METHODS 3 D Proulx ONLINEONLINE09/02/1412/11/14OLOnline180  View Textbook
NSG330FOL RESEARCH METHODS 3 D Proulx ONLINE 2:02PM09/02/1412/11/14OLOnline180  View Textbook
NSG330GOL RESEARCH METHODS 3 H Long ONLINEONLINE09/02/1412/11/14OLOnline181  View Textbook
NSG330HOL RESEARCH METHODS 3 K Kycia ONLINEONLINE09/02/1412/11/14OLOnline183  View Textbook
NSG404EO1 LEADERSHIP AND MANAGEMENT 3 K Frenn ONLINEONLINE08/25/1410/20/14OLOnline223  View Textbook
NSG404EO2 LEADERSHIP AND MANAGEMENT 3 K Frenn  ONLINEONLINE10/21/1412/18/14OLOnline225  View Textbook
NSG404GO1 LEADERSHIP AND MANAGEMENT 3 B DeRego ONLINEONLINE08/25/1410/20/14OLOnline2211  View Textbook
NSG404GO2 LEADERSHIP AND MANAGEMENT 3 B DeRego ONLINEONLINE10/21/1412/18/14OLOnline224  View Textbook
NSG409EO1 COMMUNITY PUBLIC HEALTH NURSING 3 N Gallagher ONLINEONLINE08/25/1410/20/14OLOnline229  View Textbook
NSG409EO2 COMMUNITY PUBLIC HEALTH NURSING 3 L Miffitt ONLINEONLINE10/21/1412/18/14OLOnline221  View Textbook
NSG409GO2 COMMUNITY PUBLIC HEALTH NURSING 3 M Walentuk ONLINEONLINE10/21/1412/18/14OLOnline22-1  View Textbook
NSG410EO1 HOLISTIC NURSING 3 H Bergeron ONLINEONLINE08/25/1410/20/14OLOnline222  View Textbook
NSG410EO2 HOLISTIC NURSING 3 A Paquette ONLINEONLINE10/21/1412/18/14OLOnline224  View Textbook
NSG410GO1 HOLISTIC NURSING 3 D Baxter ONLINEONLINE08/25/1410/20/14OLOnline2213  View Textbook
PH101EO2 INTRODUCTION TO PUBLIC HEALTH 3 M Bobinsky  ONLINEONLINE10/21/1412/18/14OLOnline226  View Textbook
PHI203EO1 MEANING OF HUMAN EXISTENCE 3 J Caiazza  ONLINEONLINE08/25/1410/20/14OLOnline221  View Textbook
PSY101EO1 GENERAL PSYCHOLOGY 3 C Rolf ONLINEONLINE08/25/1410/20/14OLOnline227Term 1 View Textbook
PSY211EO2 ADOLESCENT PSYCHOLOGY 3 J Dwyer ONLINEONLINE10/21/1412/18/14OLOnline227  View Textbook
PSY212EO1 LIFESPAN DEVELOPMENT 3 D Estes  ONLINEONLINE08/25/1410/20/14OLOnline224  View Textbook
PSY230EO2 FORENSIC PSYCHOLOGY 3 C Rolf  ONLINEONLINE10/21/1412/18/14OLOnline225Term 2 View Textbook
PSY230GO2 FORENSIC PSYCHOLOGY 3 C Rolf ONLINEONLINE10/21/1412/13/14OLOnline2210  View Textbook
PSY304EO2 COGNITIVE PSYCHOLOGY 3 J Dwyer ONLINEONLINE10/21/1412/18/14OLOnline221Term 2 View Textbook
PSY400EO2 HISTORY & SYSTEMS OF PSYCH 3 L Jackson ONLINEONLINE10/21/1412/18/14OLOnline226 term 2 View Textbook
REL225EO2 FAITH RELIGION THEOLOGY 3 S Richmond ONLINEONLINE10/21/1412/18/14OLOnline221Religion Core View Textbook
REL330EO2 WORLD RELIGIONS 3 R Humphrey ONLINEONLINE10/21/1412/18/14OLOnline221Religion Core View Textbook
REL379EO1 BIOETHICS 3 J Farland, Sr. ONLINEONLINE08/25/1410/20/14OLOnline220  View Textbook
REL379EO2 BIOETHICS 3 J Schmelzer ONLINEONLINE10/21/1412/18/14OLOnline224Religion Core View Textbook
REL387EO1 DEATH & DYING 3 B Fournier ONLINEONLINE08/25/1410/20/14OLOnline221  View Textbook
REL387EO2 DEATH & DYING 3 E Boutin, Jr. ONLINEONLINE10/21/1412/18/14OLOnline220  View Textbook
REL387GO1 DEATH & DYING 3 K Connaghan ONLINEONLINE08/25/1410/20/14OLOnline222  View Textbook
REL387GO2 DEATH & DYING 3 J Gray ONLINEONLINE10/21/1412/18/14OLOnline220  View Textbook
SOC207EO1 SOCIOLOGY OF AGING/GERONTOLOGY 3 C Rouzer ONLINEONLINE08/25/1410/20/14OLOnline223  View Textbook
SOC320EO2 RACE SEX AND CLASS 3 C Rouzer ONLINEONLINE10/21/1412/18/14OLOnline225  View Textbook
SOC409EO1 RELIGION AND SOCIETY 3 P Muntz Bell ONLINEONLINE08/25/1410/20/14OLOnline2216  View Textbook