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  • Day = Traditional Undergraduate
  • Professional Studies = Evening, Weekend and Online undergraduate
  • Graduate = Master's and Post-Master's Level


  • ED = Education Center
  • LC = Learning Commons
  • MEM = Memorial Hall
  • MH = Mendel Hall
  • STH = Sylvia Trottier Hall


  • M = Monday
  • T = Tuesday
  • W = Wednesday
  • R = Thursday
  • F = Friday
  • S = Saturday
  • U = Sunday


  • FYS = First Year Seminars
  • JYS = Junior Year Seminars
  • SL = Service Learning
  • WC = Writing Center

Online Courses:

Utilize the internet and the Canvas course management system. Students and instructor do not meet on campus. The beginning and end date for the course is listed on the schedule, but there are no specific classroom meeting times.


Meet partly on campus and partly online. Students and instructor use Canvas to communicate outside the classroom. Class meeting dates and times are listed on the schedule.

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IDCourseCrFacultyDaysFromToBeginEndRoomClass SizeOpen SeatsNotes 
BIO105EO1 ANATOMY & PHYSIOLOGY I 4 B Philip ONLINEONLINE01/15/1803/02/18OLOnline2219  View Textbook
BIO105LEO1 ANATOMY & PHYSIOLOGY I LAB 0 B Philip ONLINEONLINE01/15/1803/02/18OLOnline2219  View Textbook
BIO106EO2 ANATOMY & PHYSIOLOGY II 4 B Philip ONLINEONLINE03/16/1805/04/18OLOnline2212  View Textbook
BIO106LEO2 ANATOMY & PHYSIOLOGY II LAB 0 B Philip ONLINEONLINE03/16/1805/04/18OLOnline2213  View Textbook
BIO112EO1 STEWARDS OF THE LIVING WORLD 3 M McMahon ONLINEONLINE01/15/1803/02/18OLOnline2218Natural Science Core View Textbook
BUS215EO1 PRINCIPLES OF MARKETING 3 TBA ONLINEONLINE01/15/1803/02/18OLOnline229  View Textbook
BUS337EO2 MANAGERIAL ECONOMICS 3 TBA  ONLINEONLINE03/16/1805/04/18OLOnline2210  View Textbook
BUS355EO1 ADMINISTRATIVE ACCOUNTING 3 TBA  ONLINEONLINE01/15/1803/02/18OLOnline2212  View Textbook
BUS356EO2 ADMINISTRATIVE FINANCE 3 K Spohn  ONLINEONLINE03/16/1805/04/18OLOnline2216  View Textbook
BUS479EO2 STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT 3 M Meehan  ONLINEONLINE03/16/1805/04/18OLOnline2214  View Textbook
ENG120EO1 COMPOSITION IN CONTEXT I 3 A Rahman ONLINEONLINE01/15/1803/02/18OLOnline1816  View Textbook
ENG278EO2 AMERICAN DREAM 3 C Bevis ONLINEONLINE03/16/1805/04/18OLOnline226  View Textbook
HIS102EO1 US HISTORY II 3 S Roper ONLINEONLINE01/15/1803/02/18OLOnline220  View Textbook
HIS102FO1 US HISTORY II 3 S Roper 1:00AMBY ARR01/15/1803/02/18OLOnline2220  View Textbook
HIS204EO2 THE WEST IN THE WORLD II 3 K Fitzpatrick ONLINEONLINE03/16/1805/04/18OLOnline220  View Textbook
HIS204FO2 THE WEST IN THE WORLD II 3 K Fitzpatrick 1:00AMBY ARR03/16/1805/04/18OLOnline2222  View Textbook
MA123EO1 QUANTITATIVE LITERACY 3 A Thibeault ONLINEONLINE01/15/1803/02/18OLOnline2218  View Textbook
NSG302EO1 HEALTH POLICY AND POLITICS 3 A Carmichael 2:00AMONLINE01/15/1803/02/18OLOnline2212  View Textbook
NSG302EO2 HEALTH POLICY AND POLITICS 3 A Carmichael ONLINEONLINE03/16/1805/04/18OLOnline2214  View Textbook
NSG302GO2 HEALTH POLICY AND POLITICS 3 K Poplar ONLINEONLINE03/16/1805/04/18OLOnline2221  View Textbook
NSG303GO2 PATHOPHARMACOLOGY: ACUTE & CHRONIC DISEASE 3 L Pelleriti  ONLINEONLINE03/16/1805/04/18OLOnline2221  View Textbook
NSG310EO1 HEALTH ASSESSMENT 3 L Pelleriti ONLINEONLINE01/15/1803/02/18OLOnline189  View Textbook
NSG310EO2 HEALTH ASSESSMENT 3 L Pelleriti  ONLINEONLINE03/16/1805/04/18OLOnline1810  View Textbook
NSG310HO2 HEALTH ASSESSMENT 3 D Langlais ONLINEONLINE03/16/1805/04/18OLOnline1814  View Textbook
NSG320EO1 FAMILIES & HEALTH NURSING 3 TBA  ONLINEONLINE01/15/1803/02/18OLOnline227  View Textbook
NSG320EO2 FAMILIES & HEALTH NURSING 3 TBA ONLINEONLINE03/16/1805/04/18OLOnline228  View Textbook
NSG320GO1 FAMILIES & HEALTH NURSING 3 TBA ONLINEONLINE01/15/1803/02/18OLOnline2215  View Textbook
NSG330EO1 RESEARCH METHODS 3 H Long ONLINEONLINE01/15/1803/02/18OLOnline186  View Textbook
NSG330EO2 RESEARCH METHODS 3 H Long  ONLINEONLINE03/16/1805/04/18OLOnline185  View Textbook
NSG330GO1 RESEARCH METHODS 3 D Proudman ONLINEONLINE01/15/1803/02/18OLOnline1811  View Textbook
NSG330GO2 RESEARCH METHODS 3 D Proudman ONLINEONLINE03/16/1805/04/18OLOnline1815  View Textbook
NSG379EO1 QUALITY & INFORMATICS IN PRACTICE 3 C DeTore ONLINEONLINE01/15/1803/02/18OLOnline220  View Textbook
NSG379EO2 QUALITY & INFORMATICS IN PRACTICE 3 C DeTore ONLINEONLINE03/16/1805/04/18OLOnline224  View Textbook
NSG404EO1 LEADERSHIP AND MANAGEMENT 3 B DeRego  ONLINEONLINE01/15/1803/02/18OLOnline225  View Textbook
NSG404EO2 LEADERSHIP AND MANAGEMENT 3 B DeRego ONLINEONLINE03/16/1805/04/18OLOnline2210  View Textbook
NSG404GO2 LEADERSHIP AND MANAGEMENT 3 J Charron  ONLINEONLINE03/16/1805/04/18OLOnline2217  View Textbook
NSG409EO1 COMMUNITY PUBLIC HEALTH NURSING 3 M Walentuk ONLINEONLINE01/15/1803/02/18OLOnline2215  View Textbook
NSG409EO2 COMMUNITY PUBLIC HEALTH NURSING 3 M Walentuk ONLINEONLINE03/16/1805/04/18OLOnline2211  View Textbook
NSG409GO1 COMMUNITY PUBLIC HEALTH NURSING 3 J Hayes  ONLINEONLINE01/15/1803/02/18OLOnline2218  View Textbook
NSG409GO2 COMMUNITY PUBLIC HEALTH NURSING 3 L Miffitt ONLINEONLINE03/16/1805/04/18OLOnline2219  View Textbook
NSG410EO1 HOLISTIC NURSING 3 H Bergeron ONLINEONLINE01/15/1803/02/18OLOnline224  View Textbook
NSG410EO2 HOLISTIC NURSING 3 H Bergeron ONLINEONLINE03/16/1805/04/18OLOnline2212  View Textbook
NSG410GO1 HOLISTIC NURSING 3 M Wood-Gauthier ONLINEONLINE01/15/1803/02/18OLOnline2216  View Textbook
PH101EO2 INTRODUCTION TO PUBLIC HEALTH 3 L Tyrrell ONLINEONLINE03/16/1805/04/18OLOnline2221  View Textbook
PH125EO1 ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH 3 K Madore ONLINEONLINE01/15/1803/02/18OLOnline224  View Textbook
PH201EO2 EPIDEMIOLOGY IN PUBLIC HEALTH 3 A Conley ONLINEONLINE03/16/1805/04/18OLOnline2212  View Textbook
PH302EO1 HEALTH POLICY AND POLITICS 3 C Powley ONLINEONLINE01/15/1803/02/18OLOnline2213  View Textbook
PH304EO1 FOOD SAFETY & HYGIENE 3 R Luther  ONLINEONLINE01/15/1803/02/18OLOnline2215  View Textbook
PH400EO1 GLOBAL HEALTH & HEALTH DISPARITIES 3 S Phillips  ONLINEONLINE01/15/1803/02/18OLOnline2218  View Textbook
PH402EO2 PROGRAM PLANNING & EVALUATION 3 C D'Ovidio  ONLINEONLINE03/16/1805/04/18OLOnline2212  View Textbook
PH495EO PUBLIC HEALTH INTERNSHIP/CAPSTONE 6 K Robert ONLINEONLINE01/16/1805/04/18OLOnline109Fee: $15 Liab Ins View Textbook
PSY101EO1 GENERAL PSYCHOLOGY 3 J Dwyer ONLINEONLINE01/15/1803/02/18OLOnline2214Term 1 View Textbook
PSY204EO BIOSTATISTICS 3 L Jackson ONLINEONLINE01/16/1805/04/18OLOnline18-1  View Textbook
PSY204GO BIOSTATISTICS 3 L Jackson ONLINEONLINE01/16/1805/04/18OLOnline1810  View Textbook
PSY205LEO STATISTICS LAB 1 L Jackson ONLINEONLINE01/16/1805/04/18OLOnline188  View Textbook
PSY210EO1 HUMAN SEXUALITY 3 D Estes ONLINEONLINE01/15/1803/02/18OLOnline220  View Textbook
PSY212EO2 LIFESPAN DEVELOPMENT 3 D Estes ONLINEONLINE03/16/1805/04/18OLOnline220  View Textbook
PSY306EO2 ADULT PSYCHOLOGY 3 A Santry ONLINEONLINE03/16/1805/04/18OLOnline2217  View Textbook
PSY309EO2 HEALTH PSYCHOLOGY 3 L Pino ONLINEONLINE03/16/1805/04/18OLOnline228  View Textbook
PSY401EO2 PSYCH TESTING & ASSESSMENT 3 J Dwyer  ONLINEONLINE03/16/1805/04/18OLOnline2215  View Textbook
REL330EO1 WORLD RELIGIONS 3 S Richmond ONLINEONLINE01/15/1803/02/18OLOnline2213  View Textbook
REL379EO1 BIOETHICS 3 TBA ONLINEONLINE01/15/1803/02/18OLOnline220  View Textbook
REL379GO2 BIOETHICS 3 J Farland, Sr. ONLINEONLINE03/16/1805/04/18OLOnline2211  View Textbook
REL387EO1 DEATH & DYING 3 B Fournier ONLINEONLINE01/15/1803/02/18OLOnline224  View Textbook
REL387EO2 DEATH & DYING 3 J Gray ONLINEONLINE03/16/1805/04/18OLOnline2217  View Textbook
RIV120EO1 DIGNITY WORK VOCATION 3 S Richmond ONLINEONLINE01/15/1803/02/18OLOnline2212  View Textbook
RIV120EO2 DIGNITY WORK VOCATION 3 M Menke ONLINEONLINE03/16/1805/04/18OLOnline2219  View Textbook
SOC105EO1 SOCIAL PROBLEMS 3 J Paling  ONLINEONLINE01/15/1803/02/18OLOnline220Social Science Core View Textbook
SOC205EO2 THE FAMILY 3 Y Vissing  ONLINEONLINE03/16/1805/04/18OLOnline223  View Textbook
SOC402EO1 DEVIANT BEHAVIOR 3 C Rouzer ONLINEONLINE01/15/1803/02/18OLOnline222  View Textbook