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Irene Arévalo Jiménez, RN ‘17/’19

Registered Nurse

How did Riv prepare you for your career? Our theory classes were extremely rich, and now, after working for over two years in the acute care setting, I continue to learn new things every day and remember the lectures about it. I have worked and trained new grads from different schools, and Rivier has certainly made a bigger effort to prepare their nurses for real-world nursing, where things rarely go by the book.

How did Rivier support your success? I was very lucky to be part of the RSVP program, where extra support was provided to help us succeed in becoming nurses. We had a faculty and a peer mentor that really helped me along, and I was able to develop great friendships with both. I also attended tutoring at the Writing Center, which was extremely helpful in improving my English writing skills.

What do you most appreciate about your Riv education? The amazing relationships that I was able to build with classmates but also with the outstanding professors who are so dedicated to their job. Every time a patient or a family member asks me where I went to school, I say Rivier with my heart very proud. I love Rivier, I love the community that Rivier has built and how everyone is willing to help each other and support one another to meet our individual goals.


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