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Lindsay Rinaldi
Adjunct Professor of MusicLindsay Rinaldi headshot

Lindsay Rinaldi has a love for music, rehearsing and performing opera and classical pieces with various local organizations. While she has enjoyed developing her own talents and abilities, she has particularly welcomed the chance to teach voice lessons and classroom-based music courses at local institutions. Rinaldi likes to enable her students to develop their own musical abilities. “When you’re performing, you spend several hours in a practice room by yourself,” Rinaldi says. “I want to do something where I can give back to others as well.”

She is willing to teach any student to sing, regardless of their ability, because she believes that any willing person can learn. “You don’t have to possess this wonderful talent,” she says. “Anybody can learn to sing well.” Over the years, she has seen a number of her pupils progress from struggling to match pitch to being able to perform as a soloist in a recital.

Rinaldi gives private voice lessons to Rivier College students, arranging a time to meet with them throughout the semester. Each lesson has an individually tailored curriculum according to the student’s ability level. Lessons culminate with some students performing in an on-campus recital. “Voice lessons are not just a fun elective course, but a great way for students to improve their confidence, enhance their artistic drive, better their public speaking skills, and reduce stress in their busy academic lives,” Rinaldi says. “I am thrilled to see that more than 50 percent of students return for additional semesters of voice lessons.” She also teaches Music Experience (ARTS 120), a classroom-based appreciation course that exposes learners to different musical genres.

She particularly likes teaching at Rivier, noting the College’s religious identity. “I have noticed that as a College with a faith-centered curriculum, there is a profound appreciation for music and its power to enrich lives,” Rinaldi says. “Music and ministry have been intertwined since the beginning of time. Students who come to Rivier seeking a faith-based education are very much enthusiastic about music."