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Vineeta Sharma '10

vineeta_sharma_lgGraduate program: M.S. in computer science

Shortly after Vineeta Sharma earned a bachelor's in engineering and communications in her native India, she got married and moved to the United States, where her husband had a job as a software engineer. Bored sitting at home, Vineeta attended an open house at Rivier.

"I liked Jackie Madison, she told me about courses. I thought, it's good, I can do this," Vineeta says. She applied, though she was hesitant at first. "I was concerned about the language," she says, "but you get better as you go out and talk to people, communicate more."

Vineeta says working as a graduate assistant in the Office of Student Development and International Student Advising has been good for her. "I can interact with Americans and other people," she says. Vineeta has learned a lot from working with Vice President for Student Development Lynn Jansky and International Student Advisor Dey Barriga "They always encourage me to learn this foreign culture," she says.

As president of the Indian Student Association of Rivier College, Vineeta has the chance to introduce others to her culture. She organizes events on campus to celebrate Diwali and Holi—the Indian festivals of light and colors. "I enjoy organizing these festivals—I like that the College gives me the opportunity to celebrate my festival in another country," she says.

Vineeta appreciates the chance to work while going to school. "In India, you study or work—not both. School is very different than in India, where we'd spend two or three hours in exams." At Rivier, she's had the chance to learn in different ways. "Dr. Riabov has you make your own project. You're in charge of everything from start to finish—it's very practical. I think the stress on practical application helps you learn more," she says.

Vineeta says she also enjoys the computer science program's flexibility. "You can choose the courses you want according to your interest," she says. She's looking forward to completing an internship and pursuing a career in software development. She says that for her, America is truly a land of opportunity.