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Shengqian Yan

Student, Class of 2005
Major: Computer Science
Minor: Computer Information Systems
Hometown: China

Shengqian Yan

When Eleanor earned her master’s in computer information systems from Rivier in 2005, the job market wasn’t good. To gain a competitive edge, she decided to get her M.B.A. as well. “I saw that I could improve other skills here at Rivier,” she says. After finishing her degree next year, she hopes to work in America—for a while. She’s not sure if she wants to return to China or stay here. “I’d like to find a job that’s computer or technical-related and earn some work experience,” she says.

Eleanor earned her undergraduate degree in business administration in China, then began working in the fashion industry for a French company expanding their brand in China. “I learned a lot,” she says, including some sales and management. She had a friend who was a student at Rivier. “I visited her at school, then decided to apply,” Eleanor says.      

Five years later, Eleanor is glad she found Rivier. “I feel this is a very good school,” she says. “This school pays attention to international students—people are very helpful.” Staff in the International Student Advising Office have helped her complete paperwork, apply for a social security number, and find work on campus including jobs in Rivier’s Digital Imaging Studio and the International Student Advising Office.

Through her jobs on campus, Eleanor says she’s gotten to know a lot of people. She has made friends with many students—some Chinese, some American. Ask what she does in her free time and she laughs. “I spend almost all my time studying!” she says, then adds that she enjoys swimming.

Eleanor appreciates that she’s had the opportunity to experience a different culture. She is confident that what she’s learned at Rivier will help her be more competitive in her next job search, whether it’s in the United States of overseas. “China is opening up more and more. The Chinese are going more places, and more international businesses are expanding into China,” she says.