Career Development


John Green  

 Name:  John Green
 Class of:  2012
 Major:  Business Management
 Position:  Sales Associate in Digital Imaging
 Employer:  Best Buy

Summary: John commuted to Rivier every day to attend class. Although he did not live on campus, John stayed committed to becoming an active member of Rivier’s campus community. During his sophomore year, John joined and became actively involved with the Rivier Business Club. During his junior year John was elected Vice President and in his senior year became President of the Club. With John’s leadership, the Business Club was awarded the President’s Leadership Award from Campus Compact for outstanding contributions to community service, service learning, and/or civic engagement efforts on campus.

What accomplishments did you have while Vice President of the Rivier Business Club? 

As Vice President of the Business Club, I helped bring back a Holiday Fair that the university had in the past. The success of the fair helped us pay for a DECA Conference in New York City and was a blast for all students, especially for those who went to New York for the first time because of their efforts. My role as Vice President was to manage monthly officer meetings, promote the club, and fill in when needed in leading weekly meetings with club members. Also while Vice President the Business Club won a Presidents’ Leadership Award from Campus Contact; which is now displayed in the Business Department. 

What accomplishments did you have while President of the Rivier Business Club and how have those accomplishments helped you with your current career?  

I had a lot more flexibility as President. I began by changing the club name from Business Student Association to Rivier Business Club because I wanted to make the club seem less formal in order to increase membership. I also made all club agendas and minutes viewable online without any login or password which gave transparency for student government to see what the club was up to and also gave more flexibility to students who were interested in the club but couldn’t always attend meetings. I implemented a “membership program” which gave discounts on trips to loyal members as opposed to students who would come to the meeting once and go on a field trip with us for cheap. I scheduled another conference to New York City, a DECA Conference in Rhode Island, and an educational trip to Washington DC. I’m pretty sure we had the most field trips out of any club. These accomplishments are definitely a resume builder but also helped me greatly in my career because it helped me make decisions on the spot that’s best for the business. 

Did your participation in the Rivier Business Club help solidify your choice of Business Management as your major? 

The Business Club definitely helped solidify that a degree in Business was the right choice for me because I felt that the club gave me and other students the best opportunity to express leadership. The students are solely responsible for the success or failure of any club at Riv.  

Did your Sales Associate position become possible after receiving your degree from Riv? 

I was a sales associate during my time at Riv. I joined Best Buy during my sophomore year. Rivier helped teach me the Business practices that Best Buy uses and every company uses from financial accounting to strategic management, and those are things I can apply to any company I work for.  

What Career Development Center services did you utilize?  

I worked with the Career Development Center mainly for resume writing skills, and it was extremely valuable because I had a lot of questions as to the format of a resume, how to make it stand out in a recruiters pile, plus the Career Development Center helped with showing me how to list my accomplishments concisely and effectively. 

What job search techniques did you find most valuable (i.e. internships, networking, student activities/involvement, etc.)? 

I am a big fan of LinkedIn since it allows me to showcase my talents in a lengthy resume-like profile page. LinkedIn is also great for searching for jobs and for getting recommendations from co-workers, professors, and others. 

What was your most important accomplishment while attending Rivier? 

My greatest accomplishment at Rivier was running a successful business club from breaking down barriers that made us seem too formal to promoting transparency by posting all of our agendas and minutes publicly online. Specifically my best accomplishment as President of the Business Club was the Holiday Fair that we had which raised enough money to helped partly fund 4 major trips to New York, Rhode Island, Washington DC, and Boston. 

Based on your experience, what advice would you give current students to be better prepared for their careers?  

My advice to current students is to get involved as much as they can, and to network with both students at Rivier and at other colleges and universities as well as network with professionals. Being a club officer at Rivier was great since Rivier is a small school and therefore you basically have a blank canvas as far as exploring your creativity or leadership skills. 

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