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Dr. Innocentus Alhamis, Business

Faculty: Assistant Professor of Business; Program Director of Business Administration

Dr. Innocentus Alhamis, Business

Dr. Alhamis joined Rivier's Division of Business in 2014 taking on the roles of assistant professor and program director. Prior to joining the University, Dr. Alhamis studied and taught in Tanzania and Japan. He earned his Ph.D. in Developmental Finance and has been teaching in New Hampshire and online for the past 15 years.

"Dr. Inno," as he's called by his students, is a proponent of active learning; he engages students in the learning process via group discussions, case studies, guided inquiries, and other projects which develop analytical and critical thinking skills. He applies a three-pronged approach to teaching: knowledge, activity, and reflection.

"I try to make my classes fascinating and up to date by encouraging students to apply the principles they learn to real-world situations, especially the most current issues," says Dr. Alhamis. "For example, my undergraduate and graduate students are analyzing the economic policies of the current administration. A number of students have expressed excitement regarding their ability to argue issues on their merits with colleagues rather than on political inclinations."

Dr. Alhamis is also a social entrepreneur. He is a founding member, co-owner, and coordinator of The eSoma, Inc., a massive online teaching platform for all levels of education-from elementary school to graduate classes. The platform is an educational delivery alternative or supplement for developing countries, starting with Tanzania, where skilled instructors, books, and other educational resources are severely lacking.

Appreciating the tangible difference education makes in people's lives, he shares, "I get incredible joy in seeing the fruits of my efforts every day as I use my knowledge and creativity to help students gain new insights, to become more interested in subjects, to learn about the world and themselves, and to help them shape their dreams."  

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