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Eric Gentes, Esq., Criminal Justice

Faculty: Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice, Director of the Criminal Justice Program

Eric Gentes, Esq., Criminal Justice

A believer in the strength of the liberal arts, Assistant Professor and Attorney Eric Gentes advises students to obtain a broad education. “Critical reasoning, problem solving, and the ability to communicate effectively are necessary skills for successful professionals and citizens, irrespective of the field in which they work,” says Gentes. “Regardless of one’s plans, one never knows where life with take her or him.”

He devoted his early career to practicing employment discrimination law, and litigating criminal defense and complex commercial law cases. Prior to joining the University in 2009, he spent five years as a prosecutor with the Stafford County Attorney’s Office in New Hampshire. Currently, Gentes is the New Hampshire state representative and voting member of the Northeastern Association of Criminal Justice Sciences Executive Board and Vice President of the New Hampshire Association of Criminal Justice Educators. 

Gentes and his colleagues have built Rivier’s Criminal Justice(CJ) program to include a solid theoretical understanding of crime, the law, and the criminal justice system; an understanding of how the law and the criminal justice system function in practice; and a firm grounding in professional ethics and respect for victims of crime. In addition to teaching and his administrative responsibilities as the CJ program director, he oversees the internship programs for CJ majors.

“Rivier students are compassionate and care deeply about the University, their community and the wider world,” says Gentes. “They understand that higher education is an opportunity that too many people in this world do not share, and, as a result, they do not take their education for granted. It is a pleasure and honor to be a faculty member at Rivier.”

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