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Dana Blades`12, Biology

Alumni: B.S. in Biology

Dana Blades`12, BiologyDana Blades `12 didn’t realize the true value of his biology courses and senior research project until he began looking for a job. During his senior year, he served as a research assistant to Dr. Susan Barbaro on a water quality project testing estrogen levels in the Lamprey River, located in southeastern New Hampshire.

“I never thought I’d need my genetics and molecular biology courses, and senior project grant writing and study execution when looking for my first job. But that yearlong project was the ticket to my success,” says Blades.

His degree and fieldwork landed him a position with Lonza Biologics Inc. in Portsmouth prior to graduation. Lonza Biologics is a global leader in life sciences and a worldwide supplier of biopharmaceuticals to the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries. “They took into account my work ethic, troubleshooting skills, HPLC [high-performance liquid chromatography] experience, patience and persistence in experimentation—all gained at Rivier—and hired me,” says Blades.

Recently promoted, he currently works as a Quality Control Analyst. Blades is a lead in global cleaning studies and subject-matter expert for polymerase chain reactions in Lonza’s Electrophoresis Group.