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Carol Gorelick '99/'05G, Education

Alumni: '99 B.A./'05 M.Ed.

Carol Gorelick '99/'05G, Education

Many Rivier faculty have been mentors for Carol Gorelick '99 B.A./'05 M.Ed. “They spurred me on as an adult learner to continue to my master’s,” she says. Dr. Pat Howson saw her strength in dealing with parents and encouraged her to earn a certificate in parenting education as a complement to her master’s in early childhood education. Carol says, “It helps me advise parents on how to handle issues at home and helps me frame things in a way they understand and can act on.”

A third-grade teacher at Birch Hill Elementary School in Nashua, Carol sees working with future teachers as a chance to carry on good teaching practices. “Long after I’m gone, they’ll still be teaching—hopefully they’ll mentor someone in the same fashion,” she says. She says that mentoring was part of her class’ charge at graduation. She took that charge seriously—she’s had 18 students work with her through the years, including evening and graduate students. “Rivier students differ from students from other schools,” she says. “They’ve had many more opportunities to be exposed to different classrooms and teaching styles, making them much more prepared,” she says.

Carol says she enjoys modeling the excitement she believes should go into teaching. "Even if I've done something for the seven thousandth time, I'll still put forth excitement because it's the students' first time…I think it's important to show that."

Through her TV show "It's Storytime" on Nashua's education channel 99 cable access, she gets children in grades K-3 excited about reading and literature. During the show, Carol provides background information and reads classic childrens' stories to an audience of Nashua students.

Brittany Fulton '09, who student-taught in Carol's classroom, says students respond well to her enthusiasm and the way she moves from subject to subject. "She told me to put on a show for the students. When you're in front of the room, it's easy to lose them. She does a lot of hands-on activities and getting students out of their seats. They like it, it gets them them more excited about learning," Brittany says.