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Alysa Southall, Communications

Major: Communications with a minor in writing
Hometown: Rowley, Mass.

Alysa Southall, Communications

Alysa Southall has spent a lot of time at the TD Garden in Boston, taking photos and hanging out in the locker room of the Bruins hockey team, conducting one-on-one interviews with the players. No, she’s not a VIP or getting special treatment through a connection in the sports world – she’s a PR/communications intern. 


With the encouragement and help of Rivier English professor Dr. Elizabethada Wright, Alysa was able to reach out to the Boston Bruins and apply for this once-in-a-lifetime internship, which has helped her build valuable skills for the working world, as well as numerous contacts in her field and beyond. Alysa was with the Bruins until their season ended – which brought the team to the Stanley Cup finals. 


In addition to her internship, this busy Rivier student works at the Regina Library during the school year and summer. She co-founded the Rivier University Book Club and has served as vice president of the club, up until she recently transitioned to a new role as president. She has taken voice lessons at Rivier since her first semester of sophomore year, performing in the voice concerts, and plans on continuing until she graduates. 


“Times get very tough, especially during such an intensive internship like the Boston Bruins,” she says. “I just dig down deep and use my confidence and my determination to surpass the challenges that lay in front of me.” 


“Alysa is an ideal Rivier student,” says Dr. Wright. “She is hardworking, intelligent, and dedicated to Rivier's mission. She thinks for herself and is her own person, though she is very sensitive to others' needs.” 


Alysa says her time at Rivier has helped her to cultivate a passion for sports photojournalism, and her professors have played a key role in her successful Rivier career. 


“One of my favorite memories of Rivier will always be the professors that helped me to succeed and develop my skills,” says Alysa. “The professors are something I value most about my time at Riv. They are very dedicated to their students and truly want them to succeed. The communications program was very valuable for me because it taught me many skills that I wouldn’t have even known that I needed. Rivier is preparing me well for the fundamentals of what a job in the communications field would be like.” 


Read Alysa’s article on the Boston Bruins website::