Self Reporting of Flu-Like Symptoms

Health Report E-mail:
Health Report Phone Line: (603) 897-8208

The College has taken a variety of precautionary steps to prepare for flu season. Among those steps are the installation of hand sanitizer dispensers in a variety of public locations on campus; health education for students, faculty, and staff; and the administering of seasonal flu vaccines at an on-campus clinic in late September.

Members of the College administration are working very closely with officials from Nashua’s Division of Public Health. The College is complying with a reporting requirement to the City of Nashua. The College is asked to report the number of faculty, staff and students who are reporting flu-like symptoms. The report includes numbers only, and does not include the names of students, faculty, or staff who report flu-like symptoms.

As a member of the Rivier community, you are asked to self report if you have influenza like symptoms, including fever AND cough OR sore throat. You may call (603) 897-8208 or e-mail We ask that you provide your name and phone number. Self reporting is voluntary, and the information you provide will be kept confidential.

Click here for a Self-Care Fact Sheet for Influenza-Like-Illness for you and your household.