Fifth Annual Peace Conference

Workshops in Block 3 (2pm - 3pm)

  1. The Heart of Nonviolence: Inside and Out

    (In an action packed 60 minutes or less!) An intro for those wanting to anchor their nonviolent living and actions more deeply in the principles of nonviolence. Re-engage questions we assumed we already had answers to: What is violence? What are our culturally scripted responses to violence? How can nonviolence emancipate us from these scripts to courageously co-create a new human story? Presenter: Pace E Bene NE Nonviolence Education Service, LR Berger, and Catherine Hoffman.

  2. Understanding Peace through True Self Love

    We came into this world to be brilliant, creative and loving beings. Somewhere along the travels of life we allowed another human to tell us untruths about ourselves and we believed them. I guide you this day on a journey back to the true, unblemished and innocent you, uncovering the peaceful warrior inside of you. You will then be released to move forward, freed from past bias and live in joy, self-love and experience deeper self-esteem. The only one that decides who you are is you. Presenter: Barb Tremlett, Founder of the Beginners Expert.

  3. Being the Heart of Peace through Meditative Song

    AKSARA: A 6 woman a cappella ensemble from Southern NH-- Choosing to consciously be aware of the sounds and words we speak and hear, in order to discern which sounds/songs/words, bring us to a place of Peace.-A KEY ELEMENT in the way we live our lives. Presenter: Victoria Schneider

  4. Traditional Islamic Art, Liminal Space, and Peace

    This workshop will draw from the presenter’s research at the Institute of Traditional Islamic Art and Architecture in Amman, Jordan. It was found that traditional Islamic philosophy and artistic process facilitated a reflective, liminal space that promoted the peaceful engagement of other value systems. Discussion will focus on facilitating reflective practices in personal lives and communities. Presenter: Mark Meehan, Ph. D., Director of Global Outreach at Rivier University.

  5. War Tax Resistance 101

    Long time war tax resister Ginny Schneider will cover all you ever wanted to know about war tax resistance but were afraid to ask. Presenter: Ginny Schneider

  6. Anti-Bullying Awareness and Problems facing the LGBT community

    A comprehensive look at the effects of bullying and social/political inequality still faced by NH's LGBT community. Presenter: Logan Barbosa (Lakes Region Outright)

  7. Readings from Rachel Corrie

    Participants will take turns reading selected writings of Rachel Corrie. The writings give a background of her growing up in Washington State and then focus on her time spent in Gaza just prior to her death. She was killed while volunteering with the International Solidarity Movement at the age of 23, by an Israel Defense Force bulldozer while protecting the home of a Palestinian family in Rafah near the Egyptian border. This program is especially moving for young people who are considering work as activists in foreign countries and being witness to human rights violations around the world. Presenter: Dr. Sandra K Yarne, Palestine Education Network

  8. Schools as Vehicles of Peace

    Focusing on the ways schools and education can be used to destroy or foster tolerance/understanding/political perspectives. Presenter: Dr. Naomi Schoenfeld, Ph.D., Rivier University.

  9. Crafting Citizen Diplomacy: Small Steps, Big Peace

    At times of international distress – humanitarian disasters, international conflict, even war – the response of individual citizens can be immense and immediate. But over time, succeeding needs can distract citizens’ attention, producing a scattered if well-intentioned individual reaction to changing world needs. This discussion will consider some ongoing projects that individual citizens can begin and maintain in more sustained ways to contribute to international peace with targeted, tangible projects that can be tailored to individual interests. Eschewing financial projects, the work of “craftivists” is highlighted here, and small-scale yet hands-on contributions to international peace. Security may yet be hand-made. Presenter: Krisan L. Evenson, Ph.D.