Fifth Annual Peace Conference

Workshops in Block 1 (11am - noon)

  1. Drumming for peace... Drums not guns.

    A drum circle is a way of creating rhythm as a group. Participants will be guided to find inner peace and then to send it out to the world. Those wishing to be part of the circle should bring a drum if they have one, and we will provide some drums and percussion instruments for those who need them. Presenter: Lois Emond

  2. Arms for the Poor

    A presentation and discussion of a video produced by the Maryknoll order of the Catholic church that examines the international transfer of arms and its impact on the poor in third world countries. Presenter: Dr. Leo Sandy, ED.d., Plymouth University;

  3. Patriotism and World Security: Friend or Foe

    An overview of the body of knowledge that addresses the issues of patriotism and cosmopolitanism (including the work of Jensen). It will provide an examination of the positive points of patriotism as well as the limitations it poses for promoting world peace, social justice and security for all. Finally, it will make the case for cosmopolitanism as a form of maintaining appropriate forms of patriotism while socializing citizens into an ideology which encompasses the notion of world citizenship. Presenter: Scott Meyer

  4. Move the Money (Military Budget)

    Fifty years have passed since President Eisenhower warned Americans to “Beware the Military Industrial Complex” and things have gotten steadily worse with very few moments of sanity. Pentagon contractors are among the top funders of American Electoral Politics in both parties, and it shows. Today Pentagon Spending is nearing 60% of the US discretionary budget. Will Hopkins, Iraq War Veteran and Director of NH Peace Action will discuss the citizen-led campaign in 2013 to pressure elected to cut Pentagon Waste through the Town Meeting System in New Hampshire. We will need people from all over the state working together- come learn about this campaign and find out how you can help! Presenter: Will Hopkins

  5. Statehouse Watch

    From privatized prisons to union busting, establishing MLK Jr day to abolishing the death penalty, Arnie Alpert, Program Director of NH American Friends Service Committee has kept a watchful eye on the goings-on of the NH Statehouse for the past thirty years or more and stepped in to support Quaker values. This workshop will outline what is going on in the New Hampshire house today, and give you the opportunity to get involved. Presenter: Arnold Z Alpert

  6. Fair Markets to Peace: The Trials of a Fair Trade Merchant

    Economic inequities are one of the major causes of violence in the world; some believe a more equitable market might address some of those issues. This presentation will address the logic of this theory and illustrate how the fair trade market attempts to remedy the inequities. Also to be discussed are the problems with selling fair trade products in a developed world. Presenter: Dr. Elizabethada A. Wright, Ph. D., Rivier University

  7. Bystander Awareness

    Bystander Awareness Training provides specific examples and skills of civil courage to empower bystanders to take on a challenging but important role in creating a more inclusive and diverse culture. Bystander training emphasizes the impact that all people have in addressing instances of bias and sexual harassment in the workplace, at school, and other social settings. Presenter: Samantha Benton, Ed. Coordinator - Bridges: Domestic & Sexual Violence Support

  8. Veganism: An Essential Step in our Personal and Societal Journey towards Peace

    I will focus on the impact of the meat industry on the environment, resource depletion, rainforest destruction, and world hunger. I will discuss the existing struggles going on throughout the world for limited resources, and how justice could be better served with a more equitable distribution of essential resources, such as water and grain production - a tremendous percentage of which is wasted by converting it to meat for industrialized countries. I will also discuss the personal impact upon children of accepting the violence of slaughter and meat production as "part of life." I truly believe that no one can make complete a journey toward personal peace without embracing a non-violent diet. Presenter: Barry N. Taylor, DVM, Veterinary adviser NHARL