Online Learning


Online courses make use of the internet and Canvas, a learning management system, and students and faculty do not meet on campus. All of the communication between the students and the instructor takes place online.

Hybrid courses meet on campus each week or only several times during the academic term. The day and time of your course is listed on the schedule. Unless otherwise specified, your class will meet each week at the specified time. The Internet and a learning management system (Canvas) are used for instructors and students to communicate when not on campus.

Both online and hybrid formats make use of discussion boards and instructors are available for online office hours. During the course term, your instructor will have live online office hours each week to provide student assistance with questions, course issues, etc. These office hours are optional for students, but your instructors will be available should you need them. 

Visit our online schedule and search for courses in your area of interest. Online and hybrid course designations are listed on the schedule.

What does Canvas look like?  Login to Canvas by clicking the Canvas link above.  Use 'bbuser' as both the username and password.  Under "My Courses", click on "Learning Online - An Orientation".