Online Learning


Welcome to online learning at Rivier University, where you'll receive personal and supportive instruction from our top-notch faculty in the convenience of your own home or office. You choose the location!

Rivier's online programs maintain the same high quality as our face-to-face courses with the added benefit of 24-7 flexibility. With our online programs, you never have to come to campus to take a class, which saves you travel time and money. You can complete your work from home, your office or if you're traveling, from any hotel or conference center that has internet access. Anywhere you have a computer and internet access, you have your classroom.

We have four completely online programs with all courses offered in 8-week terms:

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For online course offerings: visit our online schedule and search for courses in your area of interest. Online & hybrid course designations are listed on the schedule.

Contact your academic advisor to register or visit the Registrar's web page to download a registration form.

Another option . . .
Online courses
use the internet and Blackboard, a learning management system, and students and faculty do not meet on campus. Hybrid courses meet both online and on campus - sometimes weekly and sometimes a few times during the course. Regardless of the format, all instructors are available to offer assistance with questions and course issues. Check out our hybrid course schedule.

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