Rivier University institutes innovative Employment Promise Program

Rivier University announced an innovative Employment Promise Program designed to enhance career preparation and employability of students in all academic disciplines. The program demonstrates the University’s confidence in its educational experience marked by distinctive academic programs, committed faculty and active learning. 

Through this initiative, the University promises invested students that they will secure a job within nine months of graduation. If they do not, they will receive additional support in the form of payment of monthly federal subsidized student loans for up to one year or enrollment in to up to six Rivier master’s degree courses tuition free.

Rivier is the only institution in New Hampshire to offer this program, which will be available to full-time undergraduates beginning with the Class of 2020. 

“Students create a pathway to successful careers through a combination of opportunity and self-investment,” says Sister Paula Marie Buley, IHM, President. “Rivier University provides the academic rigor, values, and professional skill set to fully prepare graduates to enter the 21st century workforce. We are confident that participation in this program will make our students uniquely qualified for employment in this competitive environment.”

The program includes mentorship through Rivier’s Career Development Center, a contract outlining investment goals and expectations, and specialized, four-year academic and career action plans which incorporate a set of experiences proven to enhance overall employability and success in the job search process. Career investment goals include graduating with a bachelor’s degree and minimum 3.0 cumulative GPA, involvement in leadership, community service and internship experiences, and participation in career counseling and professional development opportunities. These opportunities include participation in career assessment evaluations, mentorship, research and field experiences, internships, resume and portfolio building, and employer information sessions.  

“Engaging students in a series of thoughtful career planning experiences strengthens their resumes, interviewing skills, and self-confidence, while also supporting the development of their professional networks,” says Marie Sullivan, Director of the Career Development Center. “Each step of the program enhances a student’s ability to secure their first professional position and to prepare for future advancement.”

For full details and requirements, please contact the Office of Undergraduate Admissions Office at (603) 897-8507 or admissions@rivier.edu.