Rivier University announces new Bachelor’s in Biotechnology for fall 2016

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New degree will prepare graduates for careers in the high-demand STEM fields. 

Rivier University is launching a new Bachelor of Science in Biotechnology degree, enrolling the first class of students for fall 2016. The announcement was made during a welcome reception this week for Beijing City University’s biotechnology faculty and students visiting Rivier for an academic and cultural exchange. Beijing City University is a leading university in Chinese biotechnology education and research.

“As you join the Rivier community this week, you come seeking innovation, you come discovering application, and you come creating a vision of biotechnology that will serve the world,” Sister Paula Marie Buley, IHM, President, shared in her welcome to biotechnology students and faculty from Beijing City University. This exchange and the new biotechnology degree fulfill Rivier University’s mission of ‘transforming hearts and minds to serve the world.’

Sister Paula Marie Buley, IHM, credited Rivier Associate Vice President for Global Engagement Dr. Mark Meehan and Associate Professor and Biology Department Coordinator Dr. Joel Stake and for their vision and dedication in creating the new biotechnology program, born from several years of research and teaching, exploratory and relationship-building trips to China, and collaboration with New Hampshire and Massachusetts biotechnology firms.

Rivier’s new biotechnology degree features a unique combination of academics, hands-on lab work, practical application of learning through internships, and international exchanges. Taught from a global perspective, students will focus on a broad range of subjects including the biosciences and business applications and entrepreneurship for scientific innovation. Rivier’s alliance with Beijing City University provides a strong foundation for the program’s focus on cross-cultural learning. “Our global partnership with Beijing City University builds community, expertise and professionalism in the biotechnology field,” says Dr. Mark Meehan.

Students and faculty from Beijing City University are on the Rivier campus this week for the first half of “Integrative Biotechnology,” an applied biotechnology course. In the true spirit of collaboration, the course is team-taught by faculty members from both institutions, combines students from both universities and is being taught on both continents. Ten Rivier students are partnering with ten Beijing City students for the week, teaming up in the lab, visiting biotech firms, rooming together in the residences halls, and gaining insight into American culture and points of view on biotechnology.

The entire group will travel to Beijing for the second half of the course. In Beijing, Dr. Liu Yanli will instruct the students, spending another week working in cross-cultural lab teams, visiting Chinese biotech companies and exploring biotechnology from the Chinese perspective.

Representatives from U.S. Senators Kelly Ayotte and Jean Shaheen’s offices, New Hampshire State Senator Betty Lasky and State Representative Latha Mangipudi also attended the reception and welcomed the Chinese visitors.

For more information on the Biotechnology program, visit www.rivier.edu/biotech or contact the Admissions Office at admissions@rivier.edu or (603) 897-8507.