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Welcome to all our new International Students! 

The Regina Library is here to make your time at Riv easier, so please drop by during the year to say hello and to print documents, grab a bite to eat, study, or relax and enjoy a good book.


The library is  on Special Hours until September 2nd and the start of classes, so be sure to time your visit accordingly.   


If you have an immediate question, contact us using the chatbox to the right. 


Updated 08/18/2014  



Database of the Week

IEEE Computer Society Digital Library

What is it? A collection of articles and conference proceedings on technology and software.

What unique stuff can it do? The main search area allows you to pick what types of publication you want to search in, and lists all publications included in the database.

What should I use it for? All computer and programming classes.


Tutorial of the Week

Library Research @ Rivier University

This video goes over the basics of research at the Regina Library.