Upgrades to the library catalog will be performed over the Thanksgiving Break. At times the catalog may be slow or not work. Thank you for your patience.

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We are now on holiday hours: Check the "Hours" link on the left for the library schedule through finals. 

Rivier University will be closed tomorrow in anticipation of Winter Weather, so have a Happy Thanksgiving!


The library catalog will be taken down for maintenance on 11/28 and 11/29.


Remember that if you want some peace and quiet, the quiet study room is on the second floor of the library in the back.  


If you have an immediate question, contact us using the chatbox to the right. 


Updated 11/25/2014  



Database of the Week

Philosopher's Index

What is it? A database of articles on philosophy.

What unique stuff can it do? It's an EBSCO database, so it has the button in each article that gives you the citation.

What should I use it for? Any class on ethics or religion that touches on philosophical concepts.


Tutorial of the Week

Counseling and Therapy in Video

This tutorial shows you how to find therapy sessions and the application of psychology theories during actual therapy sessions.