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Happy Halloween! Drop by the library for some candy, Halloween DVDs, and spooky books for the weekend!


November is coming! Specifically, the midterm elections are around the corner, so educate yourself on the issues and get ready to vote.

Check out the election display in the Library and our Election LibGuide to learn about the candidates for both State and National positions. 

Remember, if you live on campus you are eligible to vote in NH.


If you have an immediate question, contact us using the chatbox to the right. 


Updated 10/31/2014  



Database of the Week

Military & Government Collection

What is it? A database of articles on military and governmental issues.

What unique stuff can it do? There is a "related images" box in the upper right corner that shows images related to your search.

What should I use it for? Any class focusing on politics, government, or security.


Tutorial of the Week

Using AND to narrow your search

This tutorial shows you how to find your ID number if you forgot your ID card.