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Welcome to the Regina Library website! We look forward to helping you during the summer semester.


The results for the Library Survey are up! Thanks to everyone who took the survey. You can view the results here.



If you have a question, type it into the chat box on the right side of the page to speak directly to a librarian.


Updated 05/26/2015 



Database of the Week

Library, Information Science, & Technology Abstracts

What is it? Scholarly articles on technology in general and library science in particular.

What neat stuff can it do? It's a standard EBSCO database, so it has all the usual buttons including the citation button you can use to generate a citation for any article you find.

What classes is it useful for? Computer Science and Computer Information Systems courses where you are looking for end-user perspective.


Tutorial of the Week

Library Research at Rivier University

This video introduces you to some of the basic techniques and challenges of research at a University level.