History of the Rivier University Archives


Sr. Doris
Sr. Doris 

In the Fall of 1993, Sister Doris Benoit, p.m., former Rivier University President (1974-1980) and part-time Professor of History, accepted the challenge and responsibility of archiving Rivier University’s past with a deep sense of pride in the University, and of gratitude to Sr. Madeleine of Jesus, Foundress and President of Rivier University from 1933-1946.

Sr. Doris met with the Chairs of the various campus departments to discuss the transfer of records, and to seek advice on creating policies and procedures that would ensure an efficient system for preserving archival records.

A classroom in Memorial Hall, North Wing, 1st floor, Room 119, was allocated as the location for the future Archives.
When Sr. Doris passed away in November, 2000, Sr. Marie Christilla, p.m. was hired as the second Rivier University Archivist. She in turn was replaced by Sr. Lorraine Arsenault, p.m. in October of 2005, and she continues as Archivist today.

Sr. Marie-Christilla
Sr. Marie-Christilla 

Sr. Lorraine
Sr. Lorraine, Current Archivist 


Mission Statement

The Rivier University Archives is charged with the mandate to acquire, preserve, and make available for administrative, reference and research use all non-current, inactive records created or received by every department of the university that are adjudged to be of sufficient value to warrant their permanent preservation.

It is also the mission of the Rivier University Archives to make available documents and materials to interested and qualified researchers.

The University Archives serve as a collective historical memory, a source of valuable information of the Rivier University Community.


Updated 11/02/2012