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There are over 70 software titles installed on the computers in the ERC.  Software program discs are kept behind the circulation desk and may be "borrowed" for two hours at a time.  All software must remain in the ERC and used on the computer it is installed on.  Some programs have manuals that can also be borrowed, and also must remain in the ERC.  To view and use software programs please ask at the circulation desk.

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Kid Pix Deluxe 4.0 

Picture This 

The Print Shop for Macs 

Classroom Management

Functional Behavioral Assessment 

PEGS for Elementary 

PEGS for Preschool 

Functional Skills

Attainment's Personal Success 

Functional Behavioral Assessment 

Tools for Life 


Auditory Memory for Quick Stories 

Clifford the Big Red Dog Learning Activities 

First Words: Sterling Edition 

Inspiration (Grades 6-12) 

Key Skills for Reading : Basic Word Concepts, Grades 1-2 

Key Skills for Reading: Letters and Words, Grades K-2 

Key Skills: Phonics Mastery, Grades K-1 

Key Skills: Phonics Mastery, Grades 2-3 

Key Skills for Reading: Spelling and Phonics, Grades 1-3 

Key Skills for Reading: Vocabulary Development, Grades 1-3 

Kidspiration (Grades K-5) 

Read, Write, and Type! 

Reader Rabbit Early Learning System 

Reading for Meaning 

Sort and Say Early Classifying Interactive Games 

Thinking Reader: Bridge to Terabithia 

Webber Basic Classifying Interactive Fun Decks 

Webber Figurative Language and More Interactive Fun Decks 

Webber Handwriting Paper 

Webber Pronouns Interactive Fun Decks 

Webber Verbs Interactive Fun Decks 



Everyday Mathematics: Grade 1 

Everyday Mathematics: Grade 2 

Everyday Mathematics: Grade 3 

Everyday Mathematics: Grade 4 

Everyday Mathematics: Grade 5 

Everyday Mathematics: Grade 6 

Geometer's Sketchpad 

Graph Club 2.0 

Ice Cream Truck 

Key Skills for Math: Addition and Subtraction Practice, Grades 1-3 

Key Skills for Math: Basic Number Concepts, Grades K-2 

Key Skills for Math: Multiplication and Division Practice, Grades 3-6 

Key Skills for Math: Shapes, Numbers and Measurements, Grades K-2 

Math Pathways: Algebra 1 

Math Pathways: Algebra 2 

Math Pathways: Grades 6-8 

Math Pathways: Plane Geometry (Grades 6-8) 

Math Pathways: Solid Geometry (Grades 6-8) 

Math Pathways: Trigonometry (Grades 6-8) 

Quickstudy 8th Grade Math 

Quickstudy Pre Algebra 



World Book Encyclopedia (2006) 


Auditory memory for High-Intereste Quick Stories for Science and Social Studies 

Jumpstart Animal Adventures 

Learn About Life Science: Animals 

Learn About Earth Science: Astronomy 

Learn About Life Science: Dinosaurs 

Learn About Physical Science: Matter, Measurement, and Mixtures 

Learn About Life Science: Plants 

Learn About Physical Science: Simple Machines 

Learn About Life Science: The Human Body 

Learn About Life Science: The Senses 

Learn About Earth Science: Weather 

Thinkin' Science: Explore Science Basics 


Social Studies

Auditory memory for High-Intereste Quick Stories for Science and Social Studies 

Discover Geography 

Discover More Geography 

Global GIS : Global Coverage 

Neighborhood Map Machine 


Special Education

Boardmaker Plus! 


Read, Write & Type! 

Type to Learn 3 

Type to Learn Jr.! 





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