The ERC has a variety of books available that support curriculum and lesson planning development.  The types of books you will find in the general collection room are textbooks similar to what would be found in the classroom, teacher editions, workbooks, and answer keys.  Other types of books are BASAL books, graded readers, and study & teaching guides on various subjects.  The ERC is also home to a growing collection of Juvenile Fiction and Non-Fiction books as well as Young Adult Fiction.

ERC YE books   

To locate a book, game, kit, or software in the ERC search the 
library catalog then use the “modify search” feature to limit
results to the ERC, ERC Juvenile Collection, or
ERC Software Collection. 


Manipulatives are materials that are intended for hands on use. 
The ERC has a wide variety of manipulatives to help encourage
class participation and comprehension through a hands on
experience, like Cuisenaire Rods
Sight-Word Sentence Builder Kit, and many more.
   pattern blocks 


The ERC is also home to a variety of educational kits and games.  Science kits include materials to help with demonstrating activities or "experiments", social skills games encourage students to learn activities while having fun, social studies kits help children to imagine what life would be like during another time in history.  We have so many to explore and incorporate into your own lesson plans.


software : cd 


There are over 70 titles of software available to use in the ERC. 
Computer programs are loaded on either a Dell or Mac;
software can only be accessed on the ERC computers, not loaded onto personal laptops, or removed from the ERC. To see a complete list of software available by subject area please click here.


The ERC currently has eight Dell and four Macintosh computers.  All computers have word processing, presentation, and spreadsheet software available to use.  In addition to web browsing, students may also investigate software programs available in the ERC to help with lesson planning, or for class assignments.  Please see the computer use policy page for more information.


Research Databases specific to the field of Education 

Curriculum Support Databases

  • CultureGrams  Icon - Info button    
  • Maps 101 Icon - Info button      
  • Primary Search  Icon - Info button     
  • To access databases from off campus simply enter your nine (9) digit ID number.

    Research Guides:

    Childrens Authors & Illustrators  

    Curriculum Resources (for lesson planning) 

    All other research guides can be found by clicking here.


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