Information Technology

Phishing Emails


We are all getting bombarded with junk mail. Some of it, however, is an attempt to trick people into providing personal information, usually your username and password. While IT does it's best to block this type of email, many of them originate at legitimate, stolen email addresses. For example, we can't block everyone at Hotmail or Yahoo.

In order to help eveyone quickly identify these types of messages, we post each of them here as soon as we receive them. Please forward any such emails you've received to:

IT Support will never ask for your password. Never give your password to anyone!

Here is the list of PHISHING emails.

The last 10 emails identified by Rivier IT as PHISHING emails: [Click here to Show all]

05/17/2011Debra Pasko [] E-mail Security
10/24/2010Alice Hobbs [] Email Shutdown Notice!
10/22/2010Webmaster [] Mailbox Shutdown Notification
10/22/2010Webmaster [] Mailbox Shutdown Notification
10/21/2010Movsisyan, Manushak [] System Administrator Update!
10/13/2010University Webmail Messaging Center [] Dear Webmail Account Owner
10/10/2010Alice Hobbs [] Email Shutdown Notice!
10/09/2010Webmaster [] Mailbox Shutdown Notification
09/30/2010information desk(webmaster) [] Attn webmail Subscribers
09/17/2010verified by visa & mastercode [] For the security of your accounts we require a profile update.