My name is Mr. Jeremy Biggs a solicitor/Britain Counsel and a financial consultant. I represent the interest of a client (Mr. Thaksin Shinawatra), an investor whom as a result of the sensitive nature of the position he occupies under the past government in Thailand, coupled with the recent political and economic crises in his country where Thailand Criminal Court judges against my client and Prosecutors in Thailand have asked a court permanently to seize $1.4bn in frozen assets belonging to the former prime minister.


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I am making this contact with you on the strength of this my client’s need for an individual such as you, who will be willing to receive/invest his asset (money) on his behalf, and then invest this money for making profit in accordance with the foreign direct investment regulations in your country. Your role as a partner will be to devise the necessary business plan based on your knowledge of the domestic economy in your country. To oversee the day to day management of the business that will be established there in your country with this capital (U.S$15,000,000).


The establishment of this joint business venture with the above mentioned fund will be carried out in a manner consistent with the prevailing international laws and that of your country guiding such an investment. In the event that you are willing to work with me on this project as a partner, please do let me know urgently.


Thanks for your co-operation on this matter!


Sincerely Yours,


Mr. Jeremy Biggs

Ince & Co. International Law Firm

1 St Katharine's Way, London

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