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Disable File Sharing in iMesh

The easiest time to disable file sharing in iMesh is during the installation process inside the Registration Wizard. At this time, unselect the Share download folder and all of its sub-folders automatically and the Allow other users to view my shared files options. Additionally, do not allow iMesh to scan your hard drives looking for media files to share.


If you have already installed iMesh, first, go to thePreferences menu and select the Options item. From there, select the Share Category and unselect the Allow other users to view my shared files option.


Then, to make sure you are not sharing any folders, go to the Media Manager menu. Look for any drives or folders with a grayed-out box to the right of it. These drives or folders have subfolders that are being shared.


Expand the drive tree until you find all of the folders with a selected check box next to them.


Unselect the check box.


When you have unselected all of the check boxes, there should be no grayed-out boxes left.


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