Rivier University

420 South Main Street

Nashua, NH 03060


Inaugural Greeting on behalf of the Rivier College Faculty and Staff

Joanne Merrill
Director of Athletics

MerrillToday it is my privilege to offer a greeting from the staff and administration at this inauguration celebration and I want to get it right, I want to speak for everyone.  This seems like a challenge, because of the diversity and size of the staff and administration even at a “small” college like Rivier, but in reality, it is easy because for all the diversity, for all the different jobs and unique responsibilities of everyone here, all of us share something—the love of the college and the desire for Rivier to be a great institution

So, here is a short list of items for our new president, some practical advice, some wishes as you begin your new administration.

1.  Name recognition is important.   We all know that the college is named for Blessed Anne Marie Rivier – an unbelievably strong and visionary woman.

But everyone who has been here for any length of time and has developed any attachment knows it’s RIV.  It’s a term of affection, of knowing you belong here.  RIV is the place we know about and care about.   So welcome to RIV.  We hope you will find a home here and one wish is that you help make the name Rivier better known far and wide.  It deserves to be.

2.  You should know of the dedication and hard work of the varied members of the Rivier staff and administration.   Many hands, minds, and hearts make Rivier run.  The beauty of the campus, the professional and smooth way offices function here, the tangible spirit of the college – all those things are due to those who work steadily and diligently behind the scenes every day.  No one sees every little thing that is done, but the results are evident everywhere on campus.  People here have a pride in their work and a pride in the college.  Our wish is for a leader with that same pride in and appreciation for Rivier.

3.  If you really want to know Riv, you must know the legacy of the Sisters of the Presentation of Mary.  Their faith, commitment, and hard work have built Rivier over the past 78 years.  They never retire—their work and dedication to the college is ongoing.  The story is the same for all the sisters – anything at any time to make Rivier better.  The motto on the college seal says it all – “altiora et meliora” – higher and better– the Sisters never wanted Rivier to stay the same, they welcomed and embraced growth and change – always wanting Rivier to be more.   So Sister Paula we want that too – ever higher, ever better.

4. Rivier needs to grow and change, but some vital things at its core should stay the same.   Rivier is such a friendly, welcoming place—I’m sure you have heard that numerous times in your short tenure here.  It is true because Rivier is, and always will be, about the people here.  No matter where you fit into the Rivier community, relationships matter here.  You cannot walk across the 68 acre campus without seeing many people you know who add to the life and vitality of the school.  The Rivier mission is transforming hearts and minds to serve the world– and for that to truly happen, it just cannot be accomplished without those one-to-one caring connections.  You can’t transform someone’s heart without personally getting to know them.  We hope that’s the part of Rivier that will never change.

Sister Paula, from the staff and administration, welcome to Riv – your new home.  We all live in interesting times.  With the help of the faculty, staff, administration, and students may you be able to meet all the challenges that are ahead with the gifts of grace and wisdom.