Rivier University

420 South Main Street

Nashua, NH 03060


Inaugural Greeting on behalf of the Greater Nashua Business Community

Chris Williams
President and CEO, Greater Nashua Chamber of Commerce

Chris WilliamsGood afternoon ladies and gentlemen, distinguished guests, friends and family, and Sister Paula.  As the president and CEO of southern New Hampshire's largest business association, I am privileged to stand before you this afternoon to share my greetings and congratulations with Sister Paula on this wondrous occasion.

Our organization represents close to 700 companies located in and around Nashua.  Our Chamber represents industry giants such as BAE Systems and Fidelity Investments, but also represents the hundreds of small businesses that comprise the backbone of our region's economy. 

Whether they be small, family-owned businesses or large multi-national corporations, they share a common interest - an interest in ensuring that our future workforce is well educated and prepared to step into the business world and carry on the spirit of American entrepreneurialism. 

Within this context, I am both pleased and honored to extend greetings to Sister Paula this afternoon because I am confident she shares our values and our goals for the southern New Hampshire community.  Having visited with Sister Paula several times prior to today, I know she places very high value on preparing Rivier's students to find their place an ever-changing and ever-shrinking world. Our business community no longer lives and operates in a northern New England bubble, but instead does business all over the world.  Likewise, Rivier College and its students no longer operate in a regional bubble, but must instead be prepared to operate on a global stage. 

With Sister Paula at the helm, Rivier College is poised to break new ground on three fronts - its people, its partnerships, and its prosperity.  Rivier's people include both its students and its faculty, and Sister Paula has grand plans to accelerate the college's focus on both its students and faculty.  Rivier's partnerships throughout the community, with the Chamber and many other groups, are foremost on Sister Paula's mind as she takes the reins of leadership.  And finally, those who are trustees and other vested parties in this room can take pride in knowing that Sister Paula's focus on prosperity will take very concrete shape through her focus on transitioning the college to a university in the coming months.

Sister Paula, you are a woman with great drive, passion, a sense of vision, and the personality of a strong leader.  Just as importantly, I am here today to tell you that you also have the strength and resources of the region's business community standing behind and beside you.

May your leadership continue to be bold, your vision unwavering, and your tenure long and successful.  Welcome to Nashua.