Rivier University

420 South Main Street

Nashua, NH 03060


Inaugural Greeting on behalf of the Rivier College Students

Audrey Rogers
Doctoral Student

RogersSister Paula Marie Buley, members of the Board of Trustees, past Presidents, officers of the College, honored guests, students, faculty, family and friends, on behalf of the graduate students, please accept my sincere greetings and heartfelt welcome. On this day, we pause as a community to celebrate your inauguration as the twelfth President of Rivier College.

Inaugurations are a time of reflection. With acknowledgment of the proud history and contribution of others who have brought us to this time and place, we anticipate our future and all that we can become under your leadership as President. 

You have arrived at an exciting time for our academic community.  From a graduate student perspective, we are a vibrant and thriving community determined in our efforts to further advance the mission of the college through our academic accomplishments. The mission of “transforming hearts and minds” is infused in each graduate course by the professors. They encourage profound questioning of long-held certitudes and teach us to creatively solve the issues we face in our professional work.

We often return here based on our initial experiences with talented students and faculty who demand excellence through a shared commitment to the service of others. Indeed, you arrived at the same time as the fourth cohort of doctoral students while the first cohort is looking toward initiating their dissertation research. They, like each of the other graduate students on campus, have experienced the support of all of the offices and services of the college.

We hope you have already experienced the supportive community that is the hallmark of Rivier College. It is the supportive nature of our community that sustains our intellectual curiosity, cultivates our creativity, and enhances our desire to serve others.

We congratulate you on your installation as President. We anticipate your transformative signature with new programs and initiatives which will serve as an example for us.