Rivier University

420 South Main Street

Nashua, NH 03060


Inaugural Greeting on behalf of the Rivier College Students

Lauren Hall
Class of 2012, President, Rivier College Student Government Association

HallThank you Sister Therese, students, faculty and staff,  invited guests, Sisters of the Presentation of Mary, Sisters, Servants of Immaculate Heart of Mary, members of the Board of Trustees, Dr. Hoff, and Sister Paula,

Welcome to Rivier College, the best college in the world!

When students first heard that we were getting a Sister as our new President, they were skeptical.

Will she be able to keep up with us? Will she be able to keep up with technology and the life of a college student both full time day and evening undergraduates?

Well, Sister Paula, you email from your favorite toy, the Driod X. You take pictures with your iPad. You played music from your iPod when you had us at your house for a Philly themed dinner. You can talk sports, especially Notre Dame football. You drive an SUV and you love the outdoors.

So now we are wondering if we will be able to keep up with you!  

The student body may have felt that way, but I did not. I knew back on spring carnival weekend when we first met that you would be the one. I knew this because of your energy, your knowledge of Catholic higher education, your ability to relate to college students such as myself, and that you promised me a workstudy job in your office!

As students, we notice and appreciate your commitment to academic distinction. You want us to excel in our majors and you urge us to value a profound respect for education at all levels. You have demonstrated your commitment to our core curriculum and you understand the challenges that face our evening students as we all balance our studies and busy lives. Already, you have become a role model for us.

You have urged us to truly love and embrace our mission statement, “transforming hearts and minds to serve the world,” by looking beyond Nashua to a world that will need our skills, education, and compassion.

We notice the physical change. “If it’s dead, get rid of it” as you say, and that applies to trees, branches, and attitudes that would hold us back from being strong and resourceful. You strategically prioritize and you get work done.

Students can already feel and see your commitment to the student body, both day and our colleagues in the evening program, and your desire to bring about a greater Rivier College. I know you have plans for Rivier University and we cannot wait to see what you will do next!

From one President to another, Congratulations on your inauguration and Welcome to Rivier College!