Rivier University

420 South Main Street

Nashua, NH 03060


Inaugural Greeting on behalf of the New Hampshire Academic Community

Thomas Horgan
President and CEO, New Hampshire College & University Council

HorganSister Paula Marie, honored guests, and members of the Rivier College community – I am honored to bring you greetings from the New Hampshire College & University Council (NHCUC) on this very special occasion. 

The NHCUC is a consortium of the public and private higher education institutions in New Hampshire, and on behalf of each of our member institutions and the college and university presidents, I want to express our collective best wishes and warmest welcome to Sister Paula Marie Buley on the occasion of her inauguration as President of Rivier College.

These are indeed interesting, exciting, - and yes, some might even say - challenging times for all of higher education here in New Hampshire, throughout the nation and across the world.  

It is a time of wonderful opportunities and sometimes seemingly overwhelming challenges. The New Hampshire College & University Council, through our collaborative efforts, strives to assist our member institutions in confronting these opportunities and challenges by identifying cooperative ventures, sharing resources, and developing a culture of commitment through collaboration. 

We are honored to include Rivier College among our membership and as a valued partner in New Hampshire’s higher education community.

Through our collaborative work we are committed to nurturing both the diversity, and the common interests, of our members by recognizing that we must respect each institution’s individual spirit, culture, and traditions. While simultaneously serving as a “shared table” for the higher education sector in New Hampshire to gather around in a common bond of educating students and service to the wider community.

As all of you know, Rivier College is a very special institution with a very special spirit.  It is a spirit that is rooted in faithfulness to its mission to “transform hearts and minds to serve the world.”  For more than 75 years, Rivier College and the Sisters of the Presentation of Mary, have served this community and its students well.  On behalf of all the higher education institutions in New Hampshire I want to express our collective welcome and best wishes to Sister Paula Marie as she assumes this important leadership role.

Rivier College is indeed an important thread in the diverse tapestry of New Hampshire’s higher education community.  Its unique spirit has been masterfully captured in the selection of your new President.  Her commitment to strong collegial leadership, the core values of Rivier College, and building upon the foundation of this great institution is a promise I know she intends to honor.  

Sister Paula Marie is uniquely prepared to take on the challenges of a small private Catholic college presidency, for she understands…

  • The need to honor Rivier College’s past while simultaneously inspiring its creative future.
  • To encourage discourse while acting decisively.
  • To respect the wide array of needs of various campus constituencies while uniting the institution as a whole.
  • And to do all this - and more – with a leaders spirit and a collaborative heart.

The days ahead are full of great promise and new adventures for Rivier College, an institution rooted in the values of being curious, of listening to diverse voices, and in striving for ethical excellence grounded in Judeo-Christian and Catholic values. You are indeed fortunate to have a leader who has the obvious energy, vision, and commitment to moving this institution to the next level of accomplishment and prominence.

Sister Paula Marie, on behalf of your colleagues at each of the New Hampshire College & University Council member institutions, please accept our sincere congratulations and deep confidence that your commitment, spirit and vision will guide and sustain all of you in the important work ahead.

Thank You.